Gift shop and boutique specifically for moms and babies

Whether you forgot to bring a pair of slippers or want to send a gift of well wishes to a friend or loved one during their stay in the hospital, Simply Moms Boutique has everything you could want for mothers and babies, as well as other hospital patients.

Moms needing a last-minute item can rest and spend time enjoying their new baby with our convenient store located on the Baylor University Medical Center campus in the Hoblitzelle Hospital. on the first floor. Staffed by nurses, the Simply Moms team is knowledgeable about the birthing experience and items that can make your stay more comfortable. 

Delivery to patient rooms is available.

To place an order contact us via phone or email:

Grab items recommended by moms and hospitals

Forgot to pack something? We've got you covered! Stop by the boutique for items that complete your labor bag and make your delivery and hospital stay more comfortable. Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Plush robe—Walking around is key for early and active labor! Our selection of robes is perfect for walking around during labor yet maintaining privacy
  • Slippers—Slippers provide comfort during transitions from walking, to the labor bed and then to the wheelchair ride to postpartum.
  • Essential oil diffuser—Essential oils can help promote a calm and relaxed environment in which to experience labor. Visit the store to see the diffuser and essential oil options available to help create a more relaxed labor room.
  • Snacks—Healthy snacks can be a key part of labor. Often, moms need a little fuel to get through early labor and sometimes active labor—and almost all moms are ready for a snack after a vaginal birth.
  • Chapstick and lotion—With all the heavy breathing done during labor often moms find themselves with chapped and dry lips. Lotions are also helpful for massaging the sore spots that occur due to labor. 
  • Tote—We typically have a selection of tote or travel bags that will come in handy when it's time to be discharged from the hospital.