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Patient and Family Advisers

Centro médico de la Universidad Baylor

Volunteer your experience and time
​​​Patients and families have an important role in helping the staff at Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health, improve the safety and experience of those we serve.​ By including the voices of former patients and family members we ensure that they have input into services that affect their care.​​​

The goal of Patient and Family Advisory Council is to strengthen the healthcare team by providing constructive, practical suggestions and feedback that help to create an optimal and safe healthcare experience.

Patient and family advisers shape patient care
As a patient or family member and consumer of healthcare services, you can bring a unique viewpoint on what is working well and can suggest ways to improve. You know what it feels like when a caring nurse or therapist discusses your treatment plan with you and your family and answers all your questions.
Process Improvement
Review and recommend ideas intended to improve the patient and family experience.
Patient Perspective
Review patient education materials to verify they are easily understood, comprehensive and helpful.
Partnership in Care
Help identify barriers that prevent patients and families from having the ideal experience at Baylor University Medical Center.

Advisers should have:

  • Ability to collaborate with families and staff from different backgrounds
  • Good communication skills
  • Interest in process improvement
  • Available time to volunteer
  • Experience with a patient or family hospitalized in the last five years
  • Confidence speaking in front of small groups​

You can inspire change

You can help strengthen the healthcare team by providing constructive, practical suggestions and feedback that help to create an optimal and safe healthcare experience.

Sharing your story can help others understand healthcare experiences and how these experiences can affect you and your family.

Share your voice
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