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DAISY and Service Excellence Award Nominations

Baylor University Medical Center, parte de Baylor Scott & White Health

Recognize and reward excellent service


We would love to hear your story of service excellence, that highlights the quality care you and your loved ones received at Baylor University Medical Center.

Award a staff member at Baylor Dallas

Our staff strive to see things from the patient's perspective and positively impact each person, every day. Often our clinicians and staff go above the call of duty to provide exceptional care, and we want to recognize these extraordinary team members' skill and unsurpassed compassion.

The Baylor Dallas DAISY and Service Excellence awards

The DAISY Award celebrates nurses' extraordinary clinical skills and compassion. It's an international program, and here at Baylor University Medical Center, we're proud to be a DAISY Award Partner and recognize our nurses who exemplify these traits.

Each DAISY Award Honoree will be recognized at a public ceremony in her/his unit and receive a certificate, DAISY Award pin, a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer's Touch, and the entire unit will celebrate with Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls.

The Service Excellence Award is available to non-nursing employees who demonstrate compassion and dedication to their job and the patients we serve in Dallas. Regardless of role or department, these employees aim for excellence in everything they do. They go above and beyond and are recognized as role models.

DAISY and Service Excellence awards form
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