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Childbirth Classes

Baylor University Medical Center, parte de Baylor Scott & White Health

About this location

Empowering you with an informed and supported childbirth experience

Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, has engaged North Dallas Doula Associates to help empower and educate families with specialized, boutique-style classes. We are excited to share our classes, full of evidence-based techniques and designed for the specific needs of birthing patients and their partners.

Online childbirth and breastfeeding classes
Not every family is able to attend parent education classes in person, while others learn better with a self-directed class. Baylor Scott & White Health wants you to get the information you need about this special time, no matter what your learning preferences are.

We now offer online childbirth and breastfeeding education for your convenience. This interactive, web-based instruction contains animated illustrations, videos and games to make learning easy and fun.

Childbirth classes

In our childbirth classes, couples will learn everything they need to know to have the informed birth they desire. All classes are available in person and online, except for infant CPR. Select the class options below to learn more and register.

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In this class, we will discuss:

  • Signs and symptoms of labor
  • Phases and stages of labor
  • Comfort measures for labor
  • Hospital tour
  • Medically necessary reasons for induction
  • Avoiding unnecessary interventions
  • C-section
  • Anesthesia
  • Limited breathing and relaxation techniques and visualization
  • Postpartum
  • Fourth trimester

This class takes place over two days with a four-hour session each day.

Preparing to Push
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Let us help you discover ways to calm your mind and let your body do the work. This class is designed to complement the Childbirth class and is not a replacement. These two classes offer different lesson topics. If you have not taken a Childbirth class, we recommend you take it in addition to the Preparing to Push class.

This class includes:

  • Create a calm environment
  • Promote hormonal abundance
  • Release endorphins
  • Positions for labor
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Pressure points
  • Massage techniques
  • Breathing techniques
Fast-Tracked Childbirth
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This class provides all of the same content as the two-day Childbirth class, but in one eight-hour full-day session. Couples will learn everything they need to know to have the informed birth they desire. This class was designed and created to help take the fear out of childbirth through evidence-based research, education, and informed consent.

Unmedicated Childbirth
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Similar to the Childbirth Class, this class was designed and created to help take the fear out of childbirth, but will prepare couples for a low intervention, unmedicated, natural birth. Curriculum is based on evidence-based research, education and informed consent.

Online Cesarean Class
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This online class features information about why cesareans are performed, 3D animation of the procedure and much more. This class will both empower and educate parents on cesarean births. A private conversation with a Labor & Delivery Nurse Navigator is included in the class.

Only the expectant mother should enroll. Birth partners may attend but do not need to enroll.

Breastfeeding classes

Breastfeeding basics

In this class, we will discuss what to expect when parenting a breastfed infant, how to prepare to breastfeed, pitfalls and "booby traps" to avoid, and where to go for support and help along the way. This class will set you up to identify normal newborn behavior, infant feeding cues, proper latch and positioning, frequency and duration of feedings, understanding supply and demand, as well as the importance of input and output in your newborn.

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Pumping for working moms

Returning to work after giving birth is never easy, but having a plan can make all the difference. This class will discuss creating a pumping schedule, how and when to use your pump, milk storage, keeping up your supply, introducing the bottle, common obstacles and misconceptions and much more.

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Newborn classes

Infant and child CPR

This non-certification class is designed specifically for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of infants and children. Our essential hands-on practice class provides the skills and confidence to turn a life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one. Come gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge to save a child's life.

This class is only offered in person.

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Newborn care

This class is perfect for expecting parents wondering what happens AFTER the baby comes. We will cover basics such as newborn appearance, bathing, diapering, growth spurts, milestones, safe sleeping and newborn sleep expectations, skin care, calming techniques, circumcision, intact care and more.

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Family support classes

We believe that all families matter, and we are invested in helping you navigate your unique and intentional birth and postpartum experience.

Rocking dads
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In the Rocking Dads class, you will learn how to support your birth partner with knowledge and confidence. The journey will take you through relationship, communication, how to make a birth plan, early labor, non-medical interventions, medical interventions, labor and delivery, C-section, breastfeeding and more from the perspective of a partner. This class is for men only and does contain adult language.

Please email to request a date.

LGBTQ+ family
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This class will cover finding an inclusive birth team, discovering a patient centered facility that offers nonjudgmental support, preparing for second parent adoption, exploring questions to ask in advance and obstacles you may encounter along the way, preparing for postpartum parenthood and adapting to your new roles as a family.

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