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Sleep Center

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Sleep Center at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine

Sleep disorders are a common health problem affecting millions of Americans. They can profoundly affect a person’s physical and emotional health. Difficulty with sleep can lead to impaired memory and thought processes, depression, and physical consequences such as elevated blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

The Sleep Center at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine offers a comprehensive program for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sleep problems​.

Common Sleep Disorders

  • Insomnio
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Periodic limb movements
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Narcolepsia


Before the sleep study appointment, the patient completes a questionnaire detailing his or her symptoms and medical history. A sleep diary may be kept for one to two weeks to obtain a view of his or her sleep habits.

If an overnight sleep study is recommended, the patient sleeps in a comfortable private bedroom. Small sensors are placed on the surface of the skin of the head, trunk and legs to measure brain activity, muscle activity, breathing, oxygen levels, leg movements and heart rate. None of these devices penetrate the skin and no blood is drawn.

Throughout the night, trained polysomnographers monitor the activity of these sensors to help provide an accurate sleep recording. Closed-circuit television and sound recordings allow the patient to be seen and heard throughout the night. Some patients worry about the need to get up during the night. If this is necessary, the technicians are available to assist the patient.


  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy for treatment of breathing disorders
  • Medications
  • Sleep counseling
  • Targeted therapies specific to the sleep problem


Once the sleep study is completed, a follow-up appointment may be scheduled to discuss the results and review treatment options. Ongoing follow-up with a specialist on the medical staff of the Sleep Center, when appropriate, contributes to the success of treatment.

A Good Night’s Sleep is Possible

If you experience difficulty sleeping at night or excessive drowsiness during the day, you may have a treatable sleep disorder. Most insurance plans are accepted.

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