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Bud E. Bear Pre-Operative Education Program

Baylor Scott & White McLane Niños

Helping prepare children for upcoming day surgery

McLane Children’s recommends that patients and parents and guardians participate in a pre-operative preparation program before a surgery or procedure. Research has shown that children who participate in the preparation program tend to have a more positive experience.


Benefits of Bud E. Bear

  • Helps you and your child understand what to expect the day of the surgery/procedure.
  • Helps your child know what his/her job is on the day of surgery/procedure.
  • Helps your child feel more in control of his/her experience.
Additional information
Appointments to learn more about the Bud E. Bear program are available Monday through Friday afternoons for ages 3 and up. To schedule an appointment, call 254.935.4161 or email
Where to report
All patients will report to the concierge desk in the main lobby of Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center – Temple. All adults going on the tour must bring a current photo ID.
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