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Atrapasueños del campamento

Baylor Scott & White McLane Niños

Helping children with cancer who want to feel "normal"

Camp Dreamcatcher allows children with cancer, along with their brothers and sisters, to enjoy a normal summer camp experience while receiving necessary specialized medical care.

Camp staff includes a camp director, medical staff (nurses and physicians) and a leadership team. There are also approximately 40-50 cabin counselors that attend camp each summer, many of which are former patients and campers.

Camp Dreamcatcher serves all Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's pediatric hematology/oncology patients and siblings between the ages of 6 and 15.

Between 95 to 105 children attend camp each year.


Benefits of Camp Dreamcatcher


Being with other children with cancer/blood disorders and their brothers or sisters, will make your child feel like “one of the team.” Camp provides an opportunity for your child to learn to deal emotionally with what they have been through or what they are going through by interaction with each other.

Most importantly, your child will have fun (and won’t even realize that they’re getting anything more out of the experience)!

  • Camp fosters personal growth
  • The camp environment is nurturing, but also promotes independence
  • Your child will learn to get along with others; learn to compromise; develop a sense of team work; take responsibility for themselves as well as their health; develop and refine their social skills
  • Your child will face challenges, overcome fears, gain confidence and self-esteem all while making new friends
  • Your child will mature and expand their horizons in a safe and caring environment
  • Your child will grow emotionally, intellectually and physically
  • Your child will try new activities
  • Your child will return home with new interests and skills
  • The camp works to restore the self-esteem and confidence that children often lose during the course of treatment for their cancer or blood disorder
  • The camp works to restore the self-esteem and confidence that brothers and sisters of children with cancer and blood disorders often lose as a result of loss of parent attention, loss of time with family, struggling with feelings of guilt, anger, fear and jealousy

About Camp for All

Camp for All is a 206-acre property in Burton, Texas, that has two large lakes and more than 120,000 square feet of building space, including a main lodge with health center, dining hall, kitchen, gathering hall and administrative offices.

There are 18 cabins, a staff and retreat center, covered gym/pavilion, equestrian center, small animal farm, three lakeside gazebos, nature center, tree house and crafts barn. Other facilities include a fishing pier, canoe dock, aquatics center, ROPES course, amphitheater, archery range, baseball field, nature trails and a nondenominational chapel. All areas are wheelchair accessible and barrier free.

For more information, please contact Jordan Gee:

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