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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Overview of Thymus Cancer

The thymus is a small organ in the front part of the chest under the breastbone. During development, the thymus makes a type of white blood cells called T-lymphocytes, which are important to the immune system. Thymus cancer is when epithelial cells in the outer surface of the thymus grow rapidly and abnormally.

Thymus Cancer Treatment

There are several different treatment options for thymus cancer. The Baylor Scott & White Health team will be able to answer any questions about the treatment plans. In some cases, multiple treatments can work together to help you heal.

Your treatment plan will be determined by your care team based on age, medical history, type and stage of thymus cancer, and personal preferences. Options may include:

Specialized Centers for Thymus Cancer Care

The Chest Cancer Research and Treatment Center at Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas​ is the only program of its kind in North Texas. The specialists at the center use advanced techniques to provide expert care for thymus cancer.

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