Expert treatment of neck and lower back pain

Eight out of 10 adults experience debilitating back or neck pain at some point in their lives. In fact, lower back pain is the second-most common cause of missed workdays due to illness and the most common cause of disability. The good news is most people do not need spine surgery.

Baylor Scott & White Health offers sophisticated solutions for neck and lower back pain. We're here to help with locations and spine doctors across North and Central Texas, including the NeuroHealth Institute at Baylor Scott & White in the greater Austin area, and the Baylor Scott & White Back and Neck Center serving customers in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Rowlett and surrounding communities. You'll have access to orthopedic experts near you, such as physical and occupational therapists, as well as orthopedic spine doctors and neurosurgeons on the medical staff who can help you move better.

Neurospine and orthopedic spine conditions we treat

Pinched nerves and sciatica are common causes of lower back pain. Baylor Scott & White has neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons on staff who provide surgical and non-surgical treatment for these and other back and neck conditions, including:

  • Artritis de la columna vertebral (osteoartritis, reumatoide)
  • Espuelas óseas y crecimiento excesivo
  • Cervical radiculopathy
  • Complex spinal disorders
  • Enfermedad degenerativa del disco (cervical, torácica, lumbar)
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Discos herniados (cervical, torácico, lumbar)
  • Kyphosis
  • Lower back pain
  • Mielopatía
  • Dolor miofascial (inflamación de los músculos y ligamentos)
  • Dolor de cuello
  • Nervios pellizcados
  • Escoliosis
  • Spine cancer
  • Spinal deformities (sciatic scoliosis, kyphosis)
  • Spinal epidural abscess
  • Spinal infection
  • Lesiones de la médula
  • Estenosis espinal (estrechamiento del canal espinal)
  • Traumatismo de la columna o fracturas
  • Tumores de la columna vertebral
  • Espondilosis

Our goal is to provide effective and safe spine and neck treatment that allows you to return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Back and neck treatment options

The spine doctors on our staff can quickly determine which treatment approaches are best for the pain in your back or neck.

Baylor Scott & White Health can help you find the care you need.

For more information, download a treatment guide

  • Opciones de tratamiento no quirúrgico

    Non-surgical treatments are often the most appropriate treatments for pain in the lower back or neck. Baylor Scott & White offers a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and physical therapy, including:

    • Medicación
    • Tracción de descompresión
    • Programas de ejercicios
    • Terapia física
    • Aguja seca
    • Inyecciones puntuales
    • Inyecciones de Botox
    • Programas de fortalecimiento del trabajo
    • Terapia de Masajes
    • Tratamiento del dolor intervencionista
    • Acupuntura

    Aprenda más sobre el tratamiento

  • Advanced spine surgery approaches

    Sometimes, surgery is determined to be the procedure that will result in the best outcome. The expert spine surgeons on the medical staff of Baylor Scott & White have advanced training in the latest technology and focus on minimally invasive surgical solutions. Treatment methods focus on reducing surgical trauma and pain and accelerating recovery.

    Back and neck surgeries include:

    • Reemplazo de disco artificial
    • Discectomía cervical anterior
    • Bone graft spinal fusion
    • Cifoplastia y vertebroplastia
    • Discectomía lumbar posterior
    • Descompresión lumbar posterior / laminectomía
    • Fusión espinal (anterior y posterior)
    • Cirugía reconstructiva
    • Cirugía de revisión
    • Estimulador de la médula espinal / terapia de neuromodulación
    • Scoliosis surgery

    If you think you may need back surgery, download a treatment guide for more information.

  • Interventional pain management procedures

    A broad range of interventional pain management procedures also are available for the treatment of sciatic nerve pain (sciatica) or pain in the low back or neck. Treatment options include minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures designed to treat—not mask—the problem.

    Interventional pain management procedures include:

    • Procedimientos diagnósticos y terapéuticos del bloqueo neural
    • Inyecciones epidurales de esteroides
    • Procedimientos neurolíticos
    • Bloques simpáticos
    • Termocoagulación por radiofrecuencia
    • Crioneurolisis

Back and neck surgery guide

A team of our nurses and other caregivers along with spine physicians on our medical staff helped compile this informative back and neck surgery notebook to enhance your recovery experience. Click on the link to access your guide.

Back and Neck Center

The Baylor Scott & White Back and Neck Center provides a convenient way for you to access expert care for your back and neck pain. From setting up an initial virtual appointment to discussing the least invasive treatment options, a dedicated nurse navigator will support you along your entire journey. We also offer second opinions if you are looking for another expert viewpoint to weigh in on your current treatment plan.

With participating providers located in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Hunt and Rockwall Counties, our team includes advanced practice providers, nurse navigators and physician experts in the areas of pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurosurgery, orthopedics, radiology and behavioral health.

Making an appointment is easy. Call us at 469.814.2225 or email us at

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