In order to manage and coordinate the care of patients in populations across the spectrum of health, the system redesigned the way physicians and care teams work and adopted new tools to allow them to reach patients who need services and track these patients more efficiently. This raises the quality of care for all and institutes preventive health measures to avoid chronic conditions for those individuals at the highest level of risk. The system is committed to being a role model of health and wellness to its patients, visitors and the communities it serves.

Thrive for Wellness

The Thrive for Wellness Program promotes health and wellness among the employees of Baylor Scott & White Health. Thrive provides employees with health and wellness events at work and encourages support of events in their communities. Through events and wellness challenges managed by Thrive, employees and their spouses not only receive monetary rewards for healthy living, but they also receive a reduction on medical insurance premiums by enrolling in the program and participating in an annual preventive screening process and health questionnaire. These enrollment requirements help employees and their spouses acknowledge existing health conditions and encourage them to seek appropriate health management or treatment. Thrive influences the menu options and snacks and beverages in vending machines at hospital facilities in both employee and public areas. Beverages, snacks, and meals received a healthy overhaul to help improve employee and patient nutrition. Through Thrive, Baylor Scott & White is exemplifying a responsible approach to self-management of health and disease prevention in the communities we serve.

Tobacco-free hiring

The system strives to be an example for communities and other employers nationwide by instituting a tobacco-free hiring policy, designed to promote health and reduce insurance premiums. The policy prohibits the hiring of applicants whose urine tests positive for nicotine use, whether cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or patches.