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Preguntas frecuentes


How is the CCH different from a regular hospital?

The Baylor Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital is similar in many ways to a regular hospital. We provide physician and nursing care, dietary, physical and occupational therapy and the same high quality and compassionate care boasted throughout the Baylor Scott & White family. CCH also has an on-site dialysis center and computed tomography (CT) scanner. Where the CCH differs from a traditional hospital is that we specialize in the treatment of patients who require an extended stay in an acute care setting. Whereas a traditional hospital is diagnostic in nature the CCH is purposed for the ongoing treatment of your condition.

Can the staff treat any patient with any illness or injury?

The Baylor Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital is able to treat any condition but will generally only accept patients who meet long term acute care hospital (LTACH) criteria. In other words, LTACHs specialize in treating patients who are generally highly complex and critically ill. The majority of patients treated in an LTACH require some form of respiratory therapy, intravenous antibiotics, complex wound care, and/or post-surgical care.

Is there a physician on staff at all times?

The Baylor Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital has 24-hour physician coverage, and there will generally always be a physician on the premises.

How does my family member get admitted to the CCH?

A formal admittance into the Baylor Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital can only occur when your family member’s attending physician and the CCH’s accepting physician have agreed that your family member would benefit from the specialized care at the CCH. From there, our case management will collaborate with the case management at your current acute care facility to ensure a smooth transition to long term acute care.

Is the CCH only for hospice or nursing home patients?

No. In fact the Baylor Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital does not admit nursing home patients. Nor is the CCH a palliative care or hospice facility. At the CCH the ultimate goal is always to discharge a patient home. However, a skilled nursing facility, nursing home, palliative or hospice care may be the best option post discharge from the CCH. What you can be certain of is that the CCH will aggressively treat your condition while simultaneously formulating a discharge plan to best meet your needs. For patients no longer needing acute care, we have a skilled nursing facility within our building for continued care needs.

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