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Revisional Surgery

​​​​​​​Revisional surgery is an option for patients who have already undergone a weight loss procedure and may need another one to repair complications from the first procedure or for patients who have gained weight or not lost sufficient weight. Most revisional procedures at Baylor Dallas are performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic methods.

You may be a candidate for revisional surgery if:

  • You have not lost enough weight after your first surgery.
  • You regain enough weight that medical problems such as diabetes or gastric reflux have returned.
  • You regain weight to a point where you no longer have lost 50 percent of your original excess weight.
  • Your BMI is 40 or above.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options​

The Baylor Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Program also offers non-surgical, endoscopic approaches to treat weight regain after gastric bypass surgery, which may be caused by an enlarged pouch and/or stretching of the stoma (the opening between the stomach pouch and small intestine). 

Endoscopic procedures are performed through the mouth and are used to tighten an enlarged stomach pouch after gastric bypass.

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