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Cancer Support

Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas

For patients, families and caregivers

Cancer education and support are an important part of the cancer treatment process.

Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas offers several programs through the Patient Resource Center to help you and your loved ones understand and manage the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of cancer.

The Patient Resource Center staff includes a medical director, program manager, nurse educator, chaplains, social workers, genetic counselors, psycho-oncologist, art therapist, music therapist and practitioner and trained cancer survivor volunteers. Click on any link below to learn more about cancer education and support programs offered at Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health.


Cooking during cancer treatment

We are excited to offer cooking demonstrations for all patients, their families and caregivers

Cancer education and support programs

Learn more about cancer education and support programs offered at Baylor Dallas.

  • Behavioral Health Oncology Program
  • Cancer Group Meetings
  • Arts in Medicine
  • FitSTEPS for Life
  • Educational Programs
  • Restore, Relax, Renew
  • Monthly and Seasonal Events
  • Cancer Resource Area
  • Cancer Boutique

Behavioral Health Oncology Program

The primary goal of behavioral health oncology consultation services is to help cancer patients manage common cancer-related physical, emotional and behavioral health challenges.

Cancer Group Meetings

The Patient Resource Center is pleased to offer disease-specific education programs that address the needs of individuals with specific types of cancer.

Unless noted otherwise, group meetings will be held in the Patient Resource Center, Suite 200 in the Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas located at 3410 Worth Street in Dallas, Texas.

  • Amyloid Support North Texas: Second Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Room 7, lower level, Truett Hospital (outside cafeteria).
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Monthly, first Tuesday and fourth Friday, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • Lung Cancer Education Group: Monthly, fourth Thursday, 2:30-3:30 p.m., 3410 Worth Street, Suite 200, Patient Resource Center.
  • North Texas Myeloma Support Group: Monthly, second Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas, 3410 Worth St.,10th floor conference center.
  • Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Support Group: Monthly, second Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas, 3410 Worth Street,10th floor.
  • Ovarian Cancer Group: First and third Monday, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Patient Resource Center, 3410 Worth St., Suite 200.
  • Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia Group: Bimonthly, during Super Saturday. The third Saturday of even numbered months.

Arts in Medicine

This program incorporates arts and music as therapeutic tools. Music and art therapy are evidence-based healthcare professions. Services are available at the bedside or in individual or group settings. We also provide music practitioners who play at the bedside enhancing the healing process. All services in Arts in Medicine are offered a no cost. For more information, call 214.820.2608.

FitSTEPS for Life

FitSTEPS for Life is an exercise program developed to tailor exercise to patient’s specific diagnosis and physical capabilities. The program was initially designed for cancer patients.

FitSTEPS for Life operates in multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area including the Baylor University Medical Center. The program permits patients to benefit from a gym-like experience for free. A family member or friend is also allowed to join the exercise program at no cost.

In every location, exercise specialists help patients establish an exercise program according to individual goals. After an initial visit, FitSTEPS has an open gym policy and participants may continue utilizing the facilities for the lifetime of the patient. The goal is to establish and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during and following cancer treatment.

Ask your oncologist for a referral to join FitSTEPS for Life and fax to: 1.877.931.7975. Once your referral is received, you will be contacted by phone to schedule your first visit.

Educational Programs

Other education programs are not specific to a particular type of cancer but provide education on general topics..

Restore, Relax, Renew

Offering programs designed to provide tools that may reduce tension, anxiety, anger or fatigue and promote a healthy overall well-being.

  • Lanny Shaeffer Book Club: Join us for a relaxing time with new friends. Each month the book club will feature a novel of general interest to read and discuss.
  • Journaling: Come explore the ways words and the expressive arts come together. You will both write and use art materials to enhance the healing process. No experience necessary. 
  • Open Art Studio: A program designed to allow schedule flexibility as "come-and-go." Participants work alongside one another and the facilitator while engaging in and observing the creative process. All are welcome. No art experience necessary.
  • Therapeutic Music​: A free service​ for our patients that uses live music to promote healing, relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Passing Hats: Come and learn to knit with a loom. Whether you know how to knit or not, join us and make new friends. These hats are given to patients receiving treatment for their cancer - survivor to survivor.
  • Exercises classes: Classes are offered through FitSteps. For more information, call 214.820.2608.

Monthly and Seasonal Events

  • Annual Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Luncheon
  • Annual Breast Cancer Survivorship Luncheon
  • Annual Lung Cancer Survivorship Luncheon
  • Annual Patient Resource Holiday Party
  • Annual National Cancer Survivorship Celebration
  • Refresh and Rejuvenate
  • Pet Portrait
  • Catch and Release
  • Holiday events
  • Staycation
  • BMT Reunion


Cancer Resource Area

To help you and your family learn about and cope with cancer, the Patient Resource Center also offers a patient library on the Baylor Dallas campus:

The Deborah Leah Kielman-Rodriguez Patient Education Library is located inside the Patient Resource Center, Suite 200.

Cancer Boutique

Ernie’s Appearance Center, Ernie’s is a specialty boutique located in the Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Dallas, Suite 280. The center features breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras and compression garments, as well as a collection of beautiful and unique clothing and gifts. For more information, call 214.80.8282.

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