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Rehabilitación y Terapia Física

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When it comes to therapy and rehabilitation, there is rarely one approach that works for everyone. Whether you need long-term rehabilitation from a chronic condition, or a short-term program to get you back on your feet, we can help at the Physical Therapy Center, a department of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Sunnyvale.

Our facility is equipped with the staff, tools and machines designed to help you improve your range of motion, strength and balance. We will customize a therapy program for your unique needs.

We help a number of people needing therapy with:

  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation for knee, hip, hand and shoulder
  • Joint injury
  • Back, neck and joint pain
  • Balance conditions
  • Neurological dysfunctions
  • Children with special needs including speech and occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy for neurological conditions (Parkinson’s, stroke and swallowing)
  • Sports injuries for adults and children
  • Work injury rehabilitation

We look forward to assisting with you, through a number of therapy options including:

  • Terapia ocupacional
  • Terapia física
  • Speech language pathology​​​
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