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The Gas Vas® Procedure

​​​​​​New Sedation Technique Used for Urology Procedures

Urologists at Baylor Scott & White – Temple have a new procedure to keep patients comfortable and sedated during other procedures: The Gas Vas® procedure.

Until recently, mainly dentists have used nitrous oxide. But new research shows it can also be effective during some medical procedures. Baylor Scott & White urologists are the first in the U.S. to use it for urology patients.

Benefits of The Gas Vas® procedure:

  • Pain relief as easy as breathing
  • No injections, atomizer or IV infusions
  • Used for minimal or moderate pain
  • Can be used outside the hospital operating room

While The Gas Vas® procedure is not an option for all urology patients and procedures, it can be beneficial for some patients undergoing minor procedures. Talk to your doctor to see if it could be an option for you.

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