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​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White Health is committed to ongoing research, advanced treatment and the development of management programs to help patients with their diabetes care. Learn more about diabetes, diabetes management and treatment below.

Complete Diabetes Care

Baylor provides a comprehensive approach to the care of patients with diabetes. We offer services related to cardiology and pulmonology for heart and lung care, neurology for care of the nervous system, nephrology for kidney care, ophthalmology to prevent vision loss, orthopedics and physical medicine and rehabilitation and podiatry to maintain foot health. Baylor also offers centers that specialize in weight loss surgery and wound care centers for patients with hard-to-heal or no-healing wounds.

Types and Treatments 

Diabetes is a life-long disease marked by high levels of sugar in the blood. It can be caused by too little insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas to regulate blood sugar), resistance to insulin, or both.

There are four major types of diabetes.

  • Type I Diabetes
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pre-Diabetes

Diabetes Self-Management Programs

Baylor created tailored Self-Management Training Programs to teach individuals of every age how to successfully manage diabetes and enhance their overall quality of life. 

By helping you control your diabetes, these programs can help enhance your overall quality of life both short-term and long-term by:

  • Reducing your risk of diabetes complications
  • Lowering your emergency or acute care costs
  • Minimizing the need for hospital visits
  • Reducing any lost work or school time 

Islet Cell Transplant Program

At Baylor, Islet Cell transplantation is giving people with type 1 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis the possibility for new hope. For more information, please call 1.844.BSWDOCS.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs 

Baylor provides a variety of diabetes education programs. Our self-management education programs are recognized by the American Diabetes Association and cover topics that are key to living successfully with diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes

This program is held in a group class setting. Each class is two hours and covers topics to help you manage your diabetes including:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Taking Medications
  • Monitoring
  • Healthy Coping
  • Reducing Risks
  • Problem-Solving
  • Resources for Ongoing Learning

Type 1 Diabetes Program

A comprehensive assessment and review of self-care behaviors is conducted. This one-on-one program is designed to meet each individual's educational needs.

Diabetes During Pregnancy Program

This program is developed expressly to serve the needs of the woman whose pregnancy has been complicated with diabetes. Education consists of intensive, individual meal planning, instruction in blood glucose and ketone testing, exercise plans as recommended by the physician and insulin therapy when required. After the initial training, blood glucose records are reviewed weekly by an educator for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Insulin Pump Program

Comprehensive assessment, education and support for individuals choosing to use an insulin pump.

Insulin Initiation Program

Assessment, education and support for individuals who are starting on insulin or another injectable anti-diabetes medication. 

Pre-Diabetes Program

Developed for the individual with prediabetes or dysmetabolic syndrome. A small group class or 1:1 instruction which focuses on healthy eating, regular exercise and control of cardiovascular risk factors which can often reduce the risk of progression to Type 2 diabetes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

This program is designed to meet the education needs of the patient diagnosed with pre-diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance), diabetes and other medical conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, obesity and hyperlipidemia). It offers a comprehensive diet assessment with a registered dietitian and meal planning education.

Self-management education programs are held at Baylor facilities throughout the Metroplex, so education is accessible no matter where you live or work.

Support For Patients and Families 

Living successfully with diabetes takes more than initial education and training. Baylor offers support groups for patients with diabetes and their families at several locations around DFW in order to keep your diabetes on track. Support groups are free to attend. 

We know everyone is busy, so in addition to our support groups, we've taken our support online to enhance our services, join our Diabetes Dialogue Group on Facebook.

fort worth

Diabetes Education Classroom
1400 8th Ave. Building C - 6th floor
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone 817.922.1794Call: 817.922.1794

Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy for the first 30 minutes of the session. Nutrition questions are welcomed during this time.


Conference Rooms A & B
4700 Alliance Blvd.
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 469.814.6896Call: 469.814.6896

Diabetes Support Group meets the second Thursday of every month from 5:30-7 p.m. There will be no meeting in December.

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