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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie

One-day joint replacement discharge

Joint replacement today may have you home tomorrow

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie offers one-day joint replacement discharge for eligible patients undergoing total hip or total knee replacement surgery. This innovative approach means patients can have surgery one morning and go home the following day.

Thanks to advances in pain management during hip or knee joint replacement procedures at Baylor Scott & White – Waxahachie, rehabilitation is now able to begin within hours after surgery with minimal discomfort. This is because patients typically do not need the types of pain medications that may have more side effects.

After additional therapy the day after surgery, patients can usually discharge home that afternoon. Previously, joint replacement patients typically would be in the hospital for three to four days or longer.


Candidates for one-day joint replacement discharge


Many patients qualify for one-day joint replacement discharge, including those who:

  • Are overall in good health
  • Have a healthy body mass
  • Have a support person to help at home
  • Take a pre-operative training class and review educational materials
  • Have discussed one-day joint replacement discharge with their surgeon

One-day joint replacement discharge is not only available for patients undergoing traditional hip or knee replacement surgery but also patients undergoing partial knee replacement at Baylor Scott & White – Waxahachie (also known as unicompartmental knee replacement).

Partial knee replacement only replaces the knee joint surfaces that are worn out, leading to a much quicker recovery and activity level.

On Your Timetable

If at any point for any reason a patient who meets the criteria for one-day joint replacement discharge is not ready to go home the day after his or her surgery, the patient will remain in the hospital until he or she is ready to be safely discharged home.

For more information about one-day joint replacement discharge or for a referral to an orthopedic specialist on the Baylor Scott & White – Waxahachie medical staff who can perform the procedure, call 1.844.BSW.DOCS (1.844.279.3627).

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