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Central Texas Hero & Coordinator Spotlight

Baylor Scott & White Blood Center

Central Texas Hero Spotlight: Toni Saluto

Image of Central Texas Hero SpotlightToni Saluto, originally from Illinois, has been donating at the Baylor Scott & White Blood Center for the last 3 years. Toni’s first days as a blood donor started in Illinois when a coworker had convinced him to start donating; fast forward years later, and Toni has donated over 25 gallons of blood! Toni talks about the importance of being a donor and why he has continued to donate for all of these years. He says, “You don’t see the people who are receiving blood, but it is helping someone, and one day, I may need it. The time it takes to donate greatly outweighs the satisfaction of knowing you are saving someone’s life!”

As a lifelong volunteer in the community, Toni has continued to make an impact through his compassion and kindness to everyone he meets, knowing that one day he may need the same in return.

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Coordinator Spotlight: Karen Eaton

Image of Central Texas Coordinator SpotlightKaren Eaton, a Senior Executive Assistant at the Baylor Scott & White Specialty Clinic – Marble Falls, has been coordinating blood drives since 2013. As a native of Austin, Karen has a strong community-oriented mindset, and has embraced the responsibilities that come with coordinating blood drives, knowing the importance of these drives within her own community.

She says, “it is vital for the community to have a blood source, and helping out with coordinating these drives is the least that I can do.” Through the use of inter-department challenges and competitions amongst colleagues to encourage blood donations, Karen has continually shown that we are all in it together.

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