Third-party offerings in Baylor Scott & White Health digital tools

Baylor Scott & White digital tools incorporate the following third-party offerings that collect and retain information about you. If you have a question or concern relating to our digital tools, refer to the Digital Privacy Policy or use our Contact Us link.

  • Third party
  • Digital tool(s)
  • Purpose/description
  • Information involved*
  • Required third-party terms (if any)

*Examples of information in each category are shown below. When the list above shows that a third-party offering involves a category of information, the third-party offering may involve all or only some of the examples of information for that category.

Information involved Examples
Personal information Name, date of birth, age, address, email, phone number, gender, etc.
Health information Health conditions, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment options or plans, etc.
Información de la cita Date and time of appointment, name of provider, clinical service line or department, clinic location, etc.
Billing and insurance information Invoices, account balances, insurance company, plan and member numbers, coverage information, EOBs, etc.
Device information Physical location, IP address, mobile network, hardware, operating system and applications, (including versions, updates and installation dates), pages you visit, buttons you click, information you access, etc.