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Our experts can help protect and restore your orthopedic movement through treatment choices meaningful to your situation and your goals.
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Muévete mejor con Baylor Scott & White

There are several ways Baylor Scott & White Health orthopedic services can help you move better every day.

Read blog posts about joint wellness, back or neck wellness and sports medicine, try our strengthening exercises, take our knee pain assessment, download treatment guides for knee and hip pain, review our services and features, or determine if you meet the criteria to join an orthopedic clinical trial.

Orthopedic service features

We offer many services and features within most of our orthopedic programs to help enhance your experience with us. These services and features vary in availability by medical center.

  • SportsCare personal concierge service across North Texas, Temple and Waco helps primarily connect athletes and the active to orthopedic specialists and other treatment access
  • Nurse navigation to walk with you through your surgical experience
  • Dedicated orthopedic units with private rooms and staff trained specifically in the care of orthopedic patients
  • Rehabilitation gyms located within the orthopedic units
  • Physical therapists specially trained to rehab orthopedic patients
  • Joint replacement pre-operative class guides
  • Comprehensive services
Educación y recursos
Ofrecemos una variedad de consejos sobre prevención de lesiones y estilo de vida para ayudarlo a moverse mejor.

Orthopedic care services

Let us serve your personalized needs and those of your loved ones. Our niche orthopedic services include pediatrics, hip preservation, complex joint revision and musculoskeletal tumors, scoliosis and trauma.

  • Neck and back pain
  • Elbow and shoulder
  • Pie y tobillo
  • Hand and wrist
  • Hip preservation treatment
  • Bienestar articular
  • Complex joint revision and musculoskeletal tumors
  • Medicina deportiva
  • Trauma ortopédico
  • Pediatric orthopedics

Neck and back pain

Muévete mejor por la espalda y el cuello

We offer a variety of services to relieve neck and back pain through orthopedic doctors who can help with your specific needs, including strengthening exercises, rehabilitation, medication or spine surgery consults with spine doctors.

Elbow and shoulder

Conservative treatment may not alleviate elbow or shoulder pain long-term. When that happens, Baylor Scott & White Health not only offers a full array of surgical procedures to correct conditions of the upper extremities, but also features procedures that are not widely available such as reverse total shoulder replacement, revision shoulder surgery and revision shoulder replacement often through current, minimally invasive techniques.

Pie y tobillo

If you’re bothered by foot or ankle pain, see your doctor to help prevent your symptoms from progressing. If you need a physician, foot and ankle specialists on the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White medical centers can help get your feet on the treatment path that’s right for you. Get ready to move better.

Hand and wrist

Your fingers, hands, wrists and elbows are integral in daily living. With them you play music or sports, text your friends, work or hold hands with your loved ones. While many upper extremity conditions can be treated through medication or rest, some may require surgery by an orthopedic specialist.

Hip preservation treatment

Hip preservation is an orthopedic treatment that preserves as much of your natural bone as possible while providing hip pain relief. Whether hip pain is from a congenital condition or early osteoarthritis overuse, orthopedic surgeons trained in hip preservation treatment work to delay or prevent hip replacement surgery.

Bienestar articular

Whether you or a loved one experience knee pain, hip pain or pain in a shoulder or ankle joint, with advances in technology and surgical procedures, you now have even more options for joint surgery. In addition to traditional approaches, Baylor Scott & White Health also offers several specialized procedures that help reduce joint replacement recovery time.

Joint wellness experts are able to treat your orthopedic joint pain from your shoulders to your ankles conservatively or, if necessary, by performing partial or total joint replacement surgery traditionally, through the anterior hip approach, one day post-operative discharges and even using robotic surgery*. We also offer total reverse shoulder replacement.

Sometimes knee replacement complications and other joint complications arise that require examination from a physician experienced in complex joints. If you’ve had a joint replaced but are experiencing knee pain, hip pain or instability, learn more about our complex joint revision services or search our orthopedic oncologists to make an appointment.

*Robotic joint replacement surgery is available at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Waxahachie.

Complex joint revision and musculoskeletal tumors

Offered at our Dallas, Plano and Temple hospitals, these complex services offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disease, including bone and soft tissue cancer, infected joints and joint revision surgery.

Medicina deportiva

Whether you’re an athlete or just living a full life, quick movement, body mechanics, overuse, poor posture or taking a misstep can do an "end-run" on your joints, tendons and ligaments, such as an ACL tear or ACL injury, and sometimes your brain by sustaining a concussion.

Comprehensive care is our game plan for athletes, the active and those with sports-like injuries.

  • Learn about our centers and programs for injury prevention and improved physical performance.
  • If you are experiencing new pain or that from a previous injury, speak to your doctor about sports therapy and find a rehabilitation location convenient for you.
  • Sports teams across DFW, Temple and Waco may choose a Baylor Scott & White SportsCare concierge liaison for help connecting players and family members with primary care doctors or physician specialists. Concierge liaisons are licensed, athletic trainers.
  • Learn more about our sports concussion treatment program.
  • Orthopedic sports medicine surgeons on the medical staff are skilled at treating and repairing all types of orthopedic injuries resulting from participating in sports or even injuries that result from everyday life.

Trauma ortopédico

Falls and motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of trauma injury. Trauma ratings at BSWH range from level 1, which handles all cases of trauma to level 4 hospitals which provide advanced trauma life support before transferring patients to a higher level trauma facility.

Pediatric orthopedics

Whether your child experiences a sports injury from a game or a sports-like injury from roughhousing or has a congenital concern, we can help. Call 1.844.BSW.DOCS or search our online directory for a pediatric orthopedist near you.

Learn more about Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's orthopedic services in Temple

Ensayos clínicos

Para mas informacion contacte:

Madera dorian

Decolonización preoperatoria de Staphylococcus aureus antes de la artroplastia articular total: mupirocina versus antiséptico nasal a base de alcohol sin antibióticos.

Estudio que examina dos métodos preoperatorios destinados a reducir las infecciones del sitio quirúrgico.

Criterios de inclusión: Pacientes (hombres o mujeres) entre la edad de 18 y 99 años que se someten a una cirugía total de cadera o rodilla en el Centro Médico de la Universidad de Baylor, el Centro Médico de Baylor en Uptown y el Centro Médico de Baylor Scott & White Plano comenzando febrero 2019.

Criterio de exclusión: Pacientes sometidos a artroplastia articular total por traumatismo. Pacientes sometidos a artroplastia de revisión por infección. Pacientes alérgicos a las naranjas. Pacientes alérgicos a la mupirocina.

Para mas informacion contacte:

Ruth king

Un ensayo multicéntrico prospectivo, abierto, aleatorizado, controlado, de Agili-C ™ frente al estándar de atención quirúrgica (SSOC) para el tratamiento de lesiones de la superficie articular de la rodilla

Estudio para individuos que sufren dolor de rodilla y se les ha informado que su cartílago está lesionado o que padecen artritis o lesiones de rodilla leves a moderadas.

Criterios de inclusión: 21-75 años; Hasta tres lesiones de la superficie articular tratable, ICRS Grado III o superior, en los cóndilos femorales y / o tróclea. Área tratable total sintomática 1-7 cm2; Deben estar dispuestos física y mentalmente y ser capaces de cumplir con el protocolo de rehabilitación postoperatoria y las visitas clínicas y radiográficas programadas. Formulario de consentimiento firmado y fechado. No responde a la terapia física durante al menos tres a cuatro semanas.

Criterio de exclusión: Desalineación más de ocho grados varus O ocho grados valgo según la radiografía de pie. Falta de menisco restante funcional, al menos 5 mm borde al final del procedimiento. Trasplante de menisco en los últimos seis meses. Cualquier tumor conocido de la rodilla índice. Cualquier historia conocida de infección intraarticular u ósea de la rodilla índice.

Para mas informacion contacte:

Temilola Majekodunmi

El analgésico de infiltración local (LIA, por sus siglas en inglés) más efectivo para reducir el uso general de opioides y las náuseas en el postoperatorio agudo de pacientes con artroplastia de hombro; Estudio prospectivo, ciego, aleatorizado, observacional

Evaluación del estudio para determinar la menor ingesta de opioides y antieméticos durante el período postoperatorio agudo en pacientes con artroplastia de hombro.

Criterios de inclusión: > 18; Artropatía diagnosticada de hombro. Pacientes programados para artroplastia de hombro.

Criterio de exclusión: Previa alergia conocida a uno de los agentes analgésicos infiltrantes SOC (bupivacaína, liposoma de bupivacaína o analgésico multimodal que contiene Ropivacaína, ketorolaco, epinefrina y solución salina normal)

Para mas informacion contacte:

Benjamin Welling

Evaluación de la resiliencia que afecta los resultados postoperatorios después de la reparación artroscópica del manguito rotador

Evaluar la resiliencia preoperatoria del paciente (definida en términos generales como la capacidad de "recuperarse o recuperarse del estrés"), según lo mide la Escala de resiliencia breve (BRS) y su correlación con los resultados postoperatorios.

Criterios de inclusión: Todos los pacientes adultos (> 18 años) sometidos a reparación artroscópica del manguito rotador.

Criterio de exclusión: Cirugía de revisión, pacientes embarazadas y no angloparlantes.

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