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Thank you for submitting your nomination for the student healthcare scholarship!

Rules: Nominations may be submitted via the nomination link or via an official nomination form available and submitted only at a Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) sponsor booth(s) located at mutually agreed upon UIL Championship Events from the list of UIL Championship Events covered by the Agreement. By submitting your nomination form you represent that the nominee meets the scholarship criteria and you and the nominee agree to comply with and be bound by these rules. In addition, you agree that the information submitted may be shared with BSWH and Sports In Action, LLC for purposes of receiving updates and/or more information.

Scholarship winners are limited to junior and senior Texas high school students who participate in a UIL governed extracurricular activity and who meet the scholarship criteria. Nominations must be received no later than 12:00 midnight on junio 30, 2022.

Scholarships not claimed and deposited into a school account within three (3) years of winning are forfeited. Winners shall be responsible for all taxes associated with winning the scholarships. BSWH employees and family members are not eligible to participate in or win the scholarships. In addition, beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible to participate in or win the scholarships. All decisions related to and interpretations of these rules by BSWH are final and binding.

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