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Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth


Baylor Scott y White Heart and Vascular Hospital fort worth

Abierto 24 Horas
Abierto 24 Horas

Advanced heart and vascular services in Fort Worth and Tarrant County

Our commitment to bringing advanced heart and vascular services to Fort Worth and Tarrant County is embodied in the center operated by Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital. Thanks to a historic collaboration between Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth and Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth, the hospital provides expanded cardiac services and greater access to research studies and clinical trials for patients.

A 50,000 square foot diagnostic and treatment center anchors the fifth and sixth floors of Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth. Featuring five catheterization labs, two echocardiogram rooms and one stress echocardiogram room, the center's comprehensive services include:

  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Electrofisiología
  • Cardiología no invasiva

Servicios médicos

Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth offers expertise and treatment options conveniently located near you.

  • Advanced Heart and Lung Disease Center
  • Rehabilitación cardíaca y pulmonar
  • Centro de ritmo cardíaco
  • Cardiología intervencionista
  • Enfermedad cardíaca estructural
  • Centro de trastornos de las válvulas

Advanced Heart and Lung Disease Center

The heart cannot pump as well as it should when someone is experiencing heart failure. Blood and fluid may back up into the lungs as a result, and some parts of the body won’t receive enough oxygen-rich blood to perform normally. These problems result in the symptoms patients experience.​

The team at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center - Fort Worth's Advanced Heart and Lung Disease Center looks at the root cause to help guide a patient's treatment plan and deliver comprehensive and personalized care to help manage heart failure.

Rehabilitación cardíaca y pulmonar

The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation have long been recognized. Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth patients are often referred by their cardiologists to our comprehensive cardiac rehab program offered through the Carter Rehabilitation and Fitness Center, conveniently located on the campus of Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth.

In addition to cardiac rehabilitation, a comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program is available to patients referred by their physician for such conditions as COPD, pulmonary hypertension, fibrosis, and asthma, as well as for lung transplant patients. For more information about the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs in Fort Worth, please call 817.922.1702.

Centro de ritmo cardíaco

The Heart Rhythm Center, a part of Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular – Fort Worth, provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with heart rhythm disorders. The team includes cardiologists and cardiac electrophysiologists on the medical staff working together with specialized nurse practitioners, nurses and technical staff.

Cardiología intervencionista

The interventional cardiology department at Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular – Fort Worth provide advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular conditions. Featuring five catheterization labs and two echocardiogram rooms, including a hybrid procedural suite, Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular – Fort Worth continues to expand the service offerings for cardiac patients within the 26,000 square foot diagnostic and treatment center.

Enfermedad cardíaca estructural

Through the advancement of interventional cardiology on the Fort Worth campus, expanding electrophysiology procedure options, and, in collaboration with cardiothoracic surgeons, the first and only comprehensive structural heart disease program in Tarrant County was developed on the campus of Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth.

Centro de trastornos de las válvulas

The Valve Disorders Center, a part of Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Fort Worth, provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with valvular disease. A multidisciplinary team of interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and imaging specialists on the medical staff collaborate with a specialized nursing team in the treatment of aortic and mitral valve disease.

Herramientas y recursos

Nuestros servicios están diseñados pensando en usted, por lo que administrar sus necesidades de atención médica es lo más sencillo posible.

  • Registro
  • Amenities
  • Opciones para comer
  • Post Office
  • Farmacia
  • ATM
  • Estacionamiento
  • Patient Rights
  • Safety Tips
  • Seguro Médico
  • Asistencia financiera
  • Pague su cuenta


Your day begins at Access Services on the ground floor of Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital. There you will check in, complete registration and sign consent forms. Upon completion of registration at Access Services, you will proceed to one of the hospital's Specialty Care Unit floors. You will be given an armband for identification and pay any deductibles or co-payments associated with your insurance. To help your stay go as smooth as possible, please bring the following:

  • All of your medications (prescription and over-the-counter), as well as any herbal preparations, vitamins, and supplements in their original bottles
  • Your health insurance card
  • A list of any allergies
  • Your Advance Directives (Living Will or Power of Attorney) if you have them
  • A book or other reading material
  • CPAP/BIPAP machine(s) if you use them

When your assigned room is ready, you and your family member or friend will be taken to a pre-procedure area. Family members or friends will be directed to your assigned room. At this time, someone will obtain your vital signs and complete a patient assessment, which may include drawing blood and performing an electrocardiogram (EKG). You will sign another set of consent forms.



Your bed has been designed for comfort and safety. You can raise or lower the head and/or foot of your bed via electric controls. For your protection, the side rails may be left up at night and while you are under the effects of anesthetics or medication. You can use the side rails to support you when you get in and out of your bed. If you need assistance, however, please use your bedside call button to ask for our help.

Phone service

Each guest room is equipped with a telephone. Your telephone number and room number are posted near the door of your patient room. Patient room telephones cannot receive collect or third-party billed calls.

Wireless access

Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital has wireless access for you and your family's convenience. Please notify your nurse if you have any trouble accessing this service.

Opciones para comer

Our Nutrition Services department specializes in meeting and exceeding patient expectations with their exceptional room service program. This hotel-like room service brings you heart-healthy fare prepared fresh when you order from your patient menu. Your menu offers food selections that meet your doctor's orders for your overall care and recovery.

You may also ask your nurse for assistance when placing an order. A Nutrition Services representative is available to take your order between 7 AM to 8 PM and will deliver your heart-healthy meal in about 45 minutes or less.

Family members and guests are welcome to order from our room service menu. There is a $7 fee per guest tray. Guests may pay with cash or a credit card. To place your order, please call 817.922.2675.

Family members and guests may enjoy purchasing lunch from Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth cafeteria, located on the basement level, as well as Which Wich and Starbucks on the 1st floor lobby of Building A.

Post Office

We will deliver any mail and flowers addressed to you to your patient room. If you need to mail a letter, please tell your nurse and he/she will forward it to the hospital mailroom.


A retail pharmacy is located in the lobby of Pavilion Building, 1250 8th Avenue, Suite 125 Fort Worth, TX 76104 and is open from 7 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM on weekends.


An ATM is located in the waiting areas of the ground floor of Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth, Building A.


Parking is available for patients and visitors for a fee. You may purchase a discounted voucher at the Registration desk on the Ground Floor. When an attendant is not on duty, please use the self-pay box when exiting. Valet parking is available at the main entrance of Building A for $5.00 from 6 AM to 9 PM. Valet parking is complementary with a handicap tag.

Patient Rights

Our goal while you are a patient in our hospital is to help you experience the best possible outcome from your stay here. For this to happen, everyone—you, your family and your healthcare team—must all work together and communicate clearly.

Safety Tips

Safety is a high priority at Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital. We understand its importance and will do everything to provide a safe and comfortable experience for you and your family.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind throughout your stay with us.

Your patient bed

Designed for your comfort and safety, each bed has an electrical control with which you can raise and lower the foot and head. There are side rails that may be kept up at night or after you receive anesthesia or for support as you get out of bed. A bedside call button gives you immediate contact for nursing assistance at any time.


We suggest that you leave any extra money, medication, credit cards, wallets and jewelry with a trusted friend or family member.

Personal medical care items

Please take care not to leave eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids or CPAP/BIPAPs on your meal tray or bed, as they may accidentally be lost or discarded. Your nurse can provide a special case to store these items while they are not in use.


For their safety, an adult must accompany children at all times. Children who are not visiting a patient must stay in the waiting area with an adult. Any child who has an infectious illness or has been exposed to one is not allowed in the patient care areas.

Infection control

Nobody likes to get sick, and we take extra care to protect our guests and ourselves from infection. We advise that you wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water, and especially before eating, after using the restroom, after sneezing or coughing. Follow these helpful tips when you cough or sneeze:

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Discard the tissue in a trash bin and wash your hands when you finish. Keep tissues handy at home, at work, and in your pockets.
  • When you don't have a tissue, cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow. Again, wash your hands afterward.
  • Covering your mouth and nose and avoiding close contact with infected people is also helpful.

Avoiding falls

Always call your nurse for assistance by using the call button before you get in and out of your bed or a chair. Be sure to wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles and turn on the lights before you get out of bed at night. Get in and out of bed slowly and be careful when bending or leaning. Alert your nurse if a spill occurs. As we say, "Call...Don't fall."


Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital is equipped with an advanced security system, and we provide security escorts 24 hours a day. Our parking areas are secured as well. We have controlled access on the 6th floor everyday from 7:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m and controlled access on the 5th floor on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitors may ring one of the buzzers at the doors for entry. Buzzers are located next to every entrance. To request a security escort, call 817.922.4444.

Our overall philosophy on safety is "Speak Up!" which stands for:

  • Speaking up if you have questions or concerns and not being afraid to ask again and clarify
  • Paying attention to the care you receive
  • Educating yourself about your illness, medical tests and treatments
  • Asking a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate and provide support
  • Knowing what medicines you take and why you take them
  • Using a hospital or care center that has been checked out and meets standards
  • Participating in all decisions about your treatment

Seguro Médico

Your co-pay, deductible and/or co-insurance are due at time of service. Payments can be made by cash, debit cards, personal check, or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

If we do not have the exact amount due at time of service, we will require a deposit. The deposit may vary, depending on the particular type of service.

If your insurance is not contracted with Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital, your financial responsibility may be significantly higher and is due at the time of service.


If your insurance provider requires a pre-certification, we will attempt to obtain all required clinical information from your physician to obtain the authorization from your insurance company. If you have any questions regarding pre-certification, please let us know. If we are unable to obtain a pre-certification, we may need to cancel or reschedule your service(s).

Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. Benefits will vary depending upon the type of insurance policy you carry.

Seguro aceptado

Insurance listings are subject to change without prior notice. Please call the hospital at the numbers below or your health plan to verify coverage information prior to scheduling your visit/procedure.

  • Director of Access Services: 214.820.0653
  • Manager of Access Services: 214.820.0614

View a list of insurances accepted at Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital.

Asistencia financiera

En Baylor Scott & White Health, queremos ser un recurso para usted y su familia. Nuestro equipo de asesores financieros está aquí para ayudar. Lo alentamos a hablar con un miembro de nuestro equipo en cualquier momento, antes, durante o después de recibir la atención.

Pague su cuenta

We offer an easy, secure way to pay your bill online through MyBSWHealth.

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