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Routine well-child visits can double as a sports physical

If you're the parent who is calling the doctor's office the day before practice starts, we have news for you — there's a better way!

Your routine well-child visit can be used to approve your child's participation in sports. As long as your visit is scheduled within six months prior to participation, your pediatrician can sign the needed paperwork without a second visit.

We recommend your child receive a yearly exam by your pediatrician to assess your child's growth and development, immunization schedule, nutrition, sexual activity and mental wellness.

  • Get back to better with school physicals

    We provide safe, compassionate care, now and always. With advanced cleaning and touch-free protocols, we’re giving you more options to schedule your child’s school physical or well-child exam.

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Your well-child check up can replace a sports physical as long as completed within the six months prior to sports participation. Beat the rush and schedule your exam early!

*Bring required sports participation paperwork for your pediatrician to sign during your visit.

Benefits of a well-child exam


Group physicals at the school do not give a full picture of the health of the patient. Although this may seem like a tempting solution, one issue with group physicals is some use a station method; there is not a single provider looking at the overall health of the child. 

  • One appointment for all health needs
  • Time with your primary provider who knows you and your family
  • A chance to catch up on important immunizations
  • Ability to discuss options of what sport would fit your child’s growth, interest and prevent risks
  • Instead of excluding from activities, find a fit that the child would enjoy
  • For those with chronic conditions or medication needs, all refills and renewals can be discussed
  • An overall look at your child and opportunity to discuss behavior, nutrition and personal issues
  • Discussion of potential risks involved with a particular sport
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