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11 to 18-Year Well Child Visit

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What to expect during this well child exam

Your child will see your provider one time a year as they enter the stage, meaning from 11—18, you see your doctor for a well-child visit. Transitioning from adolescence into teenage years brings big changes, and these checkups are important for staying up-to-date on immunizations, addressing questions and assessing your child’s overall health.


During your child's 11 to 18-year checkup, your pediatrician may do the following

Address any parent/caretaker concerns

  • Do you have a list of questions we can go over together?
  • Has anything come up since our last visit?
  • What are some changes you've seen in your child?

Observe your child’s overall development

  • Do you have any new concerns about your baby’s development?
  • Has your child reached some of the common developmental milestones?
  • How is your child’s school performance?
  • Is your child facing and developmental challenges?
  • How do you keep your child safe?

Complete physical examinations to ensure proper growth

  • How does your child’s weight and height compare on a growth chart?
  • Has your child been sick or visited the ER?
  • Are you providing a healthy diet for your child?
  • How do your child’s eyes and ears look?
  • How is your child’s heart and breathing?
  • When did your child last see a dentist?

Recommended laboratory screenings and immunizations

  • Plan for your 11 to 18-year-old to receive the CDC recommended vaccine for Flu, request the HPV vaccine, get any missed immunizations or the following vaccines:
    • 11 years: DTaP, MCV-4, HPV vaccine, Flu
    • 12-15 years: Flu
    • 16 years: MCV-4, Flu
    • 17 years: Flu
  • Would you like to know more about immunizations?

Discuss your child’s overall life and provide general guidance or medical recommendations

  • Does your child take responsibility for chores, schoolwork or other needs?
  • Do you limit screen time?
  • Have there been any changes to your child’s routine (i.e. starting new sports or activities)?
  • Anything you’d like your child’s doctor to address with the child directly?
  • Are you worried your child is becoming sexually active, depressed, experimenting with drugs or alcohol or any other important issues?
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