Empowering you with a supported childbirth and breastfeeding experience

At Andrews Women's Hospital at Baylor Scott & White - Fort Worth, our childbirth classes and prenatal classes reflect current practices and are offered in a variety of formats to meet your needs and schedules.

We also offer comprehensive breastfeeding education and support.

Childbirth and newborn classes

  • Childbirth class (online)

    This childbirth class alternative is for couples who prefer learning in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace or for couples who are on bedrest or who have scheduling conflicts.

    This interactive online childbirth program includes videos and illustrations that provides couples with the skills that are essential to an informed childbirth experience.

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  • Childbirth class (1 day, in-person)

    This class focuses on preparation for childbirth, emphasizing the experience of labor and birth and the important role of the support person . A variety of comfort measures are taught and practiced in class, including relaxation and breathing techniques. Special Procedures and epidurals are discussed, as well as an overview of cesarean birth, postpartum, and the newborn. Registration fee includes partner. Masks required and please bring a water bottle.

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  • Childbirth class (2 day series, in-person)

    Our family-centered childbirth class is taught by experienced childbirth educators who help prepare the expectant mother and her support partner for the many possibilities of labor and delivery. This course includes how to support a mother and her new baby during the first few weeks at home. Please bring 2 pillows and a blanket for relaxation techniques. Registration fee includes a partner.

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  • Cesarean class (online)

    Sometimes a planned cesarean (C-section) is a necessary surgical birth option for a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Becoming informed and prepared will help you gain understanding and help you make good choices.

    In our online cesarean class, you will learn what to expect during your hospital stay and how to have a good recovery process when you return home.

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  • Infant safety and CPR class

    This non-certification course is designed for new parents, grandparents and caregivers of your infant. Information about infant CPR and choking, as well as how to baby-proof your house will be provided.

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  • Tour de maternidad

    Our interactive Maternity Tour provides expectant families an opportunity to become familiar with all the services we provide on the Labor & Delivery and The New Family Center units. Please be sure to register all who will attend the tour, including children and grandparents.

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  • Newborn care class (online)

    A self-study program is designed to help new parents transition to parenting right in the comfort of their own home This class gives you a wonderful guide to help you learn about the basics of taking care of your new baby.

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  • Atención al recién nacido (Presencial)

    This interactive class is designed to help expectant, new parents, grandparents, or caregivers develop realistic expectations while learning the basics of infant care. Topics will include soothing techniques, guidelines for safe sleep, diapering, car seat safety, feeding, and bathing. Invaluable parenting tips and resources will help build your parenting skills. Registration fee includes partner.

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  • Fatherhood class (online)

    Preparing for fatherhood is no easy task. Men want to support their partners and new babies, but often feel lost and unsure about how to do that. This useful, informative, and entertaining class was created for men to help them find their way on this unique journey.

    With a positive focus on the importance of being involved right from the start, you'll learn how to support your partner through pregnancy and birth, as well as survival tips for those first few sleep-deprived months with a newborn.

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  • Sibling class (online)

    Growing your family? Help your child become a super sibling!

    This online sibling preparation class teaches you how to support your child as they grow into their role of big brother or sister. You will learn how to answer tough questions, ways to help your child feel involved, how to reduce jealousy and more.

    Plus, to encourage your sibling-to-be, there are fun lessons to do together, complete with kid-friendly video clips, coloring pages and activities (recommended for ages 3-7).

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  • Car seat educations and more (virtual)

    Motor vehicle crashes are a leading killer of children and their families around the world. This presentation is intended to expand your understanding of basic vehicle passenger safety, selecting and use of car seats appropriate for a child's size, and vehicular heatstroke awareness. This class is offered in partnership with Cooks Children and Safe Kids of North Texas. This is a virtual class using Zoom Meeting.

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Breastfeeding classes and support groups

In our breastfeeding classes, we will discuss what to expect when parenting a breastfed infant, how to prepare to breastfeed, pitfalls and "booby traps" to avoid, and where to go for support and help along the way.

Lugar seguro

Safe Sitter is a course for young teens in grades sixth through eighth who are ready to learn the skills they need to care for themselves and younger children. This course teaches young teens life and business skills, so they know how to be prepared, be responsible and be considerate whether they are babysitting or doing odd jobs for family, friends or neighbors.

Please note that this support group is not currently offered due to COVID-19.