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30-Month Well Child Visit

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What to expect during your child's 30-month well child exam

This well child visit will make sure your child is on track between ages two and three. During this time, your child is trying new words, testing his limits, and busy exploring his world. Be sure to chat with your provider about your questions as you both asses and make sure he is healthy and well.

Below are some of the things your doctor may do at your child's 30-month checkup.


What your pediatrician may do during your child's 24-month checkup

Address any concerns of the new parent or caretaker

  • Do you have a list of questions we can go over together?
  • Has anything come up since our last visit?

Observe the overall development of your child

  • Do you have any new concerns about your baby’s development?
  • Has your child reached some of the common project developmental milestones for this age?
  • Is your child physically active: jumping, running and climbing?

Complete physical examinations to ensure proper growth

  • How is your child’s weight and height looking or compare on a growth chart?
  • Are you providing a healthy diet for your child and limiting sugar or junk food?
  • Is your child sleeping through the night and getting a sufficient nap?
  • How do your baby’s eyes and ears look?
  • How is your baby’s heart and breathing?
  • Has your child seen a dentist?

Perform recommended laboratory screenings and immunizations

  • Do you plan for your child to get the CDC recommended vaccines for Flu or any missed immunizations?
  • Are you interested or want to know more about immunizations?

Discuss the overall life of the child and give general guidance or medical recommendations

  • Does your child like to play puzzles, color, or sorting objects?
  • Does your child respond to two-step commands?
  • How is toilet training going? Do you need advice about how to transition out of diapers?
  • Does your child have a vocabulary of 100+ and are using three- or four-word phrases?
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