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To live your best life, you have to take care of your body. Use these resources to improve your diet and nutrition. Plus, get discounts on hundreds of health and wellness resources!

Planificación anticipada de la atención

Advance care planning is a legal process for directing healthcare treatment for yourself at a time in the future if you can no longer make your wishes known. This is ideally initiated while you are relatively healthy, of sound mind and not under the stress of serious or bad news about your health.

There are three types of advance directives in Texas to consider:

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  • Expert advice: Eating well

    Balanced Snack Ideas for Busy Days

    Eating well is a balancing act. It can be hard to eat healthy at work or on the go, but if you focus on adding nutrition into your diet, rather than taking options away, the journey becomes much easier.

    Just ask Ali Stasnopolis, RDN, LDN. She's shared Balanced Snack Ideas for Busy Days.

Dejar el tabaco

We believe quitting tobacco is an important step to improving your health. People who quit using tobacco are more likely to enjoy better health, live longer and spend less on healthcare. That's why we offer the Yes Quit program to all employees and their covered dependents at no cost. 

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Tobacco Surcharge

  • Reach out to HealthAccess Line

    Call seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT to speak with a representative who can help you:

    • Find a BSWQA (Tier 1) provider
    • Answer general health questions
    • Connect with a mental health professional

    844.BSW.QLTY (279.7589)

Speak with a Wellness Advisor

Schedule free coaching sessions with one of our wellness advisors or our registered dietitian to help enhance your overall well-being. Work on building self-care habits like meditation, setting boundaries, and sleep health, manage your chronic conditions* (diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, high cholesterol etc), and gain accountability and support through coaching.

*Chronic condition management can only be discussed with our registered dietitian Ali Stasnopolis. 


Este sitio resume los programas y beneficios disponibles para los empleados y sus dependientes elegibles. Los documentos oficiales del plan, las pólizas y los certificados de seguro que contienen los detalles, las condiciones, los niveles máximos de beneficios y las restricciones sobre los beneficios rigen nuestro programa de beneficios y están disponibles en este sitio. En caso de conflicto entre este sitio y los documentos oficiales, prevalecen los documentos oficiales. La información en este sitio no es una garantía de beneficios. Baylor Scott & White se reserva el derecho de modificar o finalizar sus planes y programas de beneficios para empleados en cualquier momento y por cualquier motivo.

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