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Empowering you to live well

Our refreshed wellness site makes it easier to access the array of programs designed to support your mind, body and spirit.


Explore our well-being resources to see all the ways we can support you.

Your BSW Well-being Portal

Our well-being program has a portal powered by WebMD! Register your account today and explore tools to help support you every step of your well-being journey.

Ways we support you
Explore well-being resources
How are you feeling?
Check the chart to determine what support and care is right for you or a loved one.

Six pillars of well-being
Learn more about the six pillars of well-being and things you can do daily to live well.

Where does your healthy path begin?

The power to live well is within you.

We all strive to Live well, but the path to get there looks a bit different for each of us. See below for ways BSW team members prioritize their well-being.

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  • Belen Gutierrez

    Research project coordinator, team walker

    Taking walks with my awesome team in beautiful weather!

  • Vassilos Dimakopoul

    Email production manager, traveler

    I love to travel and experience being in different places; whether it is a outside of Texas or outside of the US. Life is sort. Let's try to live it well & as much stress-free as possible.

  • Michelle Anderson

    Contact center supervisor, volunteer

    I strengthen my faith by volunteering in Religious Education for my local church every week. Five years blessed to teach elementary education when I am not at work. It refuels my energy and soul.

  • Christopher Riley

    Lab tech, adventure-seeker

    Take time for you. Live life to the fullest. Try something new. Be you. Love you.

  • Priscilla Griggs

    Clinical social worker, outdoorswoman

    I strive to live well by spending a lot of time outdoors. Breathing fresh air and being in a place where there is little to no cell phone happy place!

  • Verline Herring

    Clinical informatics manager, rain-or-shine walker

    I walk my dog Zeus four miles daily, even in the rain. My goal is 15,000 steps per day.

  • Diana Gates

    Process owner, triathlete

    I'm part of an amazing Triathlon community. Triathlon training helps me manage my stress, keeps me in good physical and mental health, and allows me to be a part of a strong supportive community of new and existing relationships.

  • Laura McWha

    IS infrastructure manager, world traveler

    The world is big, life is short, when given the opportunity....GO! I love to travel with friends and family; whether it is a quick trip in Central Texas or a long flight to Ireland, I MUST GO!

  • Brittney Hall

    Management engineer, yogi

    I love to teach and practice yoga and meditation regularly. I believe a healthy lifestyle includes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

  • Sandra Fly (and Ruby Doo)

    Quality & clinical practice regional director, world's best nana

    I walk daily because the walking helps my heart and lungs to be healthier. I have a four-year-old granddaughter (Ruby Doo) to keep up with.

  • Vilaida Ponce

    Sr compliance consultant auditor, green juicer

    Having my "green juice" first thing in the morning...followed by my cup of coffee!

  • Stacey Byrd

    Provider network operations director, fitness coach

    Not only have I lost over 200 lbs so far, I’m also a fitness coach and help others live a healthy lifestyle. I train five times a week and have a healthy relationship with food, maintaining an 80/20 lifestyle.

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