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2-Week Well Child Visit

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What to expect during your child's 2-week well child exam

With a new baby, you are sure to have lots of questions. At your well child checkup, your provider will talk about the first few weeks with your child and make sure he is on track for healthy growth and development.

Below are some of the things your doctor may do at your child's 2-week checkup.


What your pediatrician may do during your child's 2-week checkup

Address any concerns of the new parent or caretaker

  • How are you adjusting to a new baby?
  • Do you have a list of questions we can go over together?
  • Has anything come up since our last visit?

Observe the overall development of your child

  • Do you have any new concerns about your baby’s development?
  • Has your child reached some of the common developmental milestones for this age?

Complete physical examinations to ensure proper growth

  • How is your child’s weight and height looking or compare on a growth chart?
  • How often is your baby eating, and how much?
  • How many wet or dirty diapers are you seeing?
  • Can you describe your child’s sleep patterns?
  • How do your baby’s eyes and ears look?
  • How is your baby’s heart and breathing?

Perform recommended laboratory screenings and immunizations

  • Do you plan for your child to get the CDC recommended vaccine for Hepatitis B (HBV)?
  • Are you interested or want to know more about immunizations?

Discuss the overall life of the child and give general guidance or medical recommendations

  • Do you have questions about your child’s eating or sleeping?
  • Do you have questions about bathing your child or keeping the umbilical cord dry?
  • Are you trying to balance life with a new baby and other children?
  • Are you wondering what to expect as a new caregiver?
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