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Donor Eligibility

Baylor Scott & White Blood Center

Baylor Scott & White Blood Center’s implementation of the revised FDA Donor Deferral Guidance

The changes in FDA deferral guidelines are effective as of junio 17, 2020 at Baylor Scott & White Blood Center

All new donors will be screened before the donation process, utilizing the new FDA guidance and criteria. Prior donors with currently active deferrals in our system will need to submit requests for review of eligibility before attempting to donate.


What is changing?


While there are many changes to donor eligibility, some of the more common issues we receive inquiries about are listed here. If you have questions regarding other deferral criteria that may not be listed, please contact our Blood Center at 254.724.4376.

Indefinite/permanent deferral lifted

For geographical risk of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease for U.S. military bases in Europe, excluding:

  • Time in the U.K. from 1980-1996 (cumulative 3 months)
  • Time in France or Ireland from 1980-2001 (cumulative 5 years)

Reduced deferral time to 1 year

  • Individuals with history of most types of cancers

Reduced deferral time to 3 months:

  • Transfusion of blood or components
  • Recipient of certain types of grafts or organ transplantation
  • Individuals who had contact with blood through percutaneous inoculation such as needle stick or contact with open wound/mucous membranes
  • Tattoo, ear/body piercing received at non-Texas state licensed facility

Preguntas frecuentes

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these positive and exciting changes with you.

Donors with currently active deferrals in our system related to the above criteria will need to submit a reentry request form to request a review of their deferral, which can be done online.

Your request will be entered into a queue, as a revision to your deferral period will require a review of your submitted information in addition to your previous donation records, and a manual update if a change is determined appropriate. You will be contacted with the outcome of the review once the process is complete.
New donors without currently active deferrals in our system will be able to attempt to donate using the above criteria starting on junio 17, 2020.
Several of these new FDA guidelines will remain in place after the COVID-19 public health emergency ends. However, the FDA intends to revise and replace the guidance documents within 60 days following termination of the public health emergency. Baylor Scott & White Blood Center will then implement any newly issued FDA guidance changes.
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