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Directorio telefonico

​​​​​​​Please call the operator at 214.820.0111 and they can assist with connecting you to the person or department you need at Baylor University Medical Center.

Listing of Department Phone Numbers
Department Name Número de teléfono
Admitting/Registration 214.820.2264
Business Services/Billing 214.820.6600
Care Coordination 214.820.2801
Chaplains/Pastoral Care 214.820.2542
Complaints/Concerns 214.818.7378
Emergency Department 214.820.2505
Guest Relations 214.820.2833
Health Information Management 214.820.2135
Hotel (Home2 Suites) 214.765.2690
Information 214.820.0111
Interpretation Services 214.820.2833
Lost and Found 214.820.2357
Registros médicos 214.820.2135
Nutrition Services 214.820.3497
Operator (Main Phone Number) 214.820.0111
Parking Services 214.820.7275
Pastoral Care/Chaplains 214.820.2542
Pharmacy (Outpatient) 214.820.3451
Police (24-hour Safety Escort) 214.820.4444
Trabajo Social 214.820.3515
Registration/Admitting 214.820.2264
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