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Gift shop and boutique specifically for moms and babies

Whether you forgot to bring a pair of slippers or want to send a gift of well wishes to a friend or loved one during their stay in the hospital, Simply Moms Boutique has everything you could want for mothers and babies as well as other hospital patients.

Moms needing a last minute item can rest and spend time enjoying their new baby with our convenient store located on the first floor of Hoblitzelle Hospital. Staffed by nurses, the Simply Moms team is knowledgeable about the birthing experience and items that can make your stay more comfortable.


To place an order by phone, call us at 214.820.3103 or email Delivery to patient rooms is available.

Labor Bag Package includes essential items recommended by moms and hospitals

Skip the packing and we can deliver your items to labor and delivery upon your arrival. The labor package includes:

  • Plush robe – Ambulation is key for early and active labor! This one size fits most plush robe is perfect for taking labs around labor and delivery yet maintaining privacy. 
  • Fit Kicks (slippers) - While labor is not usually comfortable, these innovative crisscross strap slippers are! They easily transition from ambulating, to the labor bed, and then to the wheelchair ride to postpartum.  
  • Essential oil diffuser - Essential oils can help promote a calm and relaxed environment in which to experience labor. This compact diffuser comes with an option of sweet orange douce or eucalyptus oil to help create a more relaxed labor room.  
  • Snacks – Healthy snacks can be a key part of labor. Often moms need a little fuel to get through early labor and sometimes active labor and almost all moms are ready for a snack after a vaginal birth.  
  • Chapstick and lotion – With all the heavy breathing done during labor often moms find themselves with chapped and dry lips. Our Naked Bee Chapstick will come in handy to help prevent chapped lips.  The Naked Bee lotions are also helpful for massaging the sore spots that occur due to labor.  
  • Tote – All items are delivered in an easy to carry colored tote bag that will come in handy when it's time to be discharged from the hospital as well. Multiple colors available.  

Celebratory Room Decor Packages

Decorate your room in our New Family Center to welcome the arrival of your new bundle of joy, or surprise a special mom with this fun treat! At this time, room decor is only available for scheduled deliveries.

Decor is arranged in the room by Simply Mom's staff based on one of the options below:

  • Option 1: Room decoration rental and floral arrangement. This includes a wooden sign and tassel for rental during your stay and a fresh floral arrangement. Decorations can be gender specific. Cost is $99.
  • Option 2: Room decoration and floral arrangement from Option 1, with the addition of a Jellycat stuffed animal for your new baby or a sibling. Cost is $139.
  • Option 3: Room decoration, floral arrangement and Jellycat from Option 2, with the addition of a plush robe for mom. Cost is $180.
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