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Effective immediately, MSCI Pediatrics is no longer accepting NEW patients with Medicaid insurance.

Baylor Scott & White Medical & Surgical Clinic – Irving has served Irving and the surrounding communities since its humble beginnings in 1953. Our reputation for individual attention, a commitment to your healthcare needs and experienced doctors in Irving near you have made us the choice among local medical clinics.

Our constant evolution helps us stay at the forefront of medical advances as we bring in the best healthcare providers and state-of-the-art equipment, while our integrated network of physicians allow patients to quickly receive the care they need without the lengthy referral process found elsewhere.

The professional staff of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in our Irving clinic represent years of experience in multiple fields of medicine. Be sure to search our full list of specialties, including primary care, weight loss, podiatry and pediatrics, and learn how we can help you with your healthcare needs.

Seguros aceptados

Baylor Scott & White has established agreements with several types of insurance to ensure your health needs are covered.

Insurance listings are subject to change without prior notice. Please call the hospital or health plan to verify coverage information before scheduling your visit/procedure.
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    Plan Medicare/Medicaid
  • United Health - (2)
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Servicios médicos
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White​ Medical & Surgical Clinic – Irving offers expertise and treatment options conveniently located near you.
Proteína ideal

Ste 320
Phone: 972.817.1221

El Protocolo de Ideal Protein Clinic for Weight Loss ha sido realmente la última dieta para muchos que han luchado con el peso. Un programa desarrollado médicamente por los expertos de la Clínica Médica y Quirúrgica Baylor Scott & White - Las Colinas hace más de 20 años, Ideal Protein combina las mejores prácticas de pérdida de peso con el conocimiento para tomar mejores decisiones alimenticias.

The four-phase weight loss program in Irving helps participants lose fat while preserving lean body mass and maintaining muscle, which is essential to burn calories. Our trained coaches are also graduates of the program, and they work one-on-one with each dieter to provide support and impart wisdom through each phase.

Fase 1: pérdida de peso

Los participantes trabajan con un entrenador personal de pérdida de peso para establecer metas alcanzables y aprender a preparar sabrosos productos de Proteína Ideal para tres de las cuatro comidas diarias.

The program offers a variety of prepared foods (70 and growing), which can be ready to eat in 10 minutes or less and are perfect whether hot, warm or cold. Foods contain high-quality proteins and low carbohydrates; they contain 21 amino acids and are combined to build complete meals with vegetables and lettuce. Dinner is a traditional protein source, again with vegetables and lettuce.

Fase 2: ingesta de alimentos

Once the desired body fat percentage is achieved, program foods will be reduced to two times a day while coaches work with participants to begin the introduction of other healthy foods in their diet. This phase lasts no more than two weeks.

Fase 3: estabilización de la pérdida de peso

Las grasas saludables y los carbohidratos se vuelven a agregar a las dietas habituales durante 14 días, para consumirlos por las mañanas. ¡Solo se ingiere un alimento con Ideal Protein cada día en esta fase! Los entrenadores cambiarán el enfoque de las personas que hacen dieta hacia la estabilización del peso y la vida después de la dieta.

Fase 4: alimentación más inteligente

Los participantes utilizarán el conocimiento que han adquirido a lo largo de su viaje de pérdida de peso para continuar comiendo de manera saludable y manteniendo el peso.

MSCIdeal Wellness is an independently owned and operated clinic/center authorized to promote and sell Ideal Protein® products and the Ideal Protein ® Weight Loss Method. Consult www.idealprotein.com for more information about the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method and Ideal Protein® products and services. Any express or implied statement herein that is not made by Ideal Protein itself or is otherwise inconsistent with or different from the express or implied statements contained in www.idealprotein.com materials, including regarding any benefit, performance or specific weight loss expected or achieved with the use of the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method or Ideal Protein® products or services is made solely by MSCIdeal Wellness. Ideal Protein specifically disclaims any and all such statements that are not explicitly or implicitly made in, or that are otherwise inconsistent with statements in www.idealprotein.com materials, and Ideal Protein explicitly disclaims any and all responsibility relating thereto.

Laboratorio e imágenes in situ

Ste 115
Phone: 972.817.1500
Fax: 972.817.1501

The radiology department at Baylor Scott & White Medical & Surgical Clinic - Irving assists in treating and diagnosing a number of conditions through the use of digital imaging technologies. Whether needing an X-ray for a broken bone or a CT scan, patients can take advantage of our cutting edge equipment.

Los servicios que ofrecemos incluyen:

  • Rayos X
  • Tomografías computarizadas
  • Mamografía digital (certificado por el American College of Radiology)
  • ultrasonido
  • Densitometría ósea

Ste 250
Phone: 972.817.1400
Fax: 972.817.1401

From common childhood colds to diseases or more serious conditions, our pediatricians in Irving provide a peace of mind and comfort for both children and their parents. We understand that every child is unique and we take special care to safeguard the comfort and cooperation of our young patients. Our team of North Texas pediatricians offer a number of services to help your child grow and thrive. Parents can take advantage of the caring pediatricians here in our Irving clinic and enjoy the convenience of only having to make one stop for a wide range of services.

Pediatric services we offer include:

  • Exámenes físicos de campamentos, escuelas y deportes.
  • Atención de afecciones agudas y crónicas
  • EKG
  • Vacunas contra la gripe y neblina contra la gripe
  • Reparación de laceraciones
  • Seguimiento del desarrollo
  • Asesoramiento nutricional
  • Circuncisiones de recién nacidos
  • On-site lab and radiology
  • Citas por enfermedad el mismo día
  • Espirometria
  • Examen de visión y audición
  • Well-child checkups and immunizations

Ste 300
Phone: 972.817.1270
Fax: 972.817.1275

Using the latest technology and relying on an impressive knowledge base, we strives to deliver the best foot care available and offer podiatry services ranging from preventive measures to reconstructive surgeries.

Podiatrists handle a wide variety of foot conditions and injuries, including complications from diabetes, advanced wound care, foot and ankle injuries, and fungi. Food care patients can also benefit from custom-molded inserts that provide relief and comfort for everyday use.

Our podiatrist in Irving is also pleased to feature the latest FDA-cleared laser procedures that help treat toenail fungus and reduce the appearance of warts and scars. This cutting edge process can help clear up unsightly toenails and restore a healthy appearance.

Podiatry services we offer include:

  • Inserciones de zapato de moldeador personalizadas
  • Radiografías de pie y tobillo en el consultorio
  • Tratamientos con láser
  • Prueba de nervios
  • Calzado, plantillas y calcetines terapéuticos
  • Terapia V-Care para el dolor neuropático
Atención primaria

Drs. Maddox, Ireland, Pangtay and Shelton
Ste 350
Phone: 972.817.1600
Fax: 972.817.1564

Drs. Mason and Lee
Ste 325
Phone: 972.817.1600
Fax: 972.817.1304

The primary care physicians here provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages. From routine checkups to preventative care and promotion of overall wellness, our Irving family physicians deliver exceptional medical care and individual attention for families and the entire community. These family doctors can quickly refer patients to additional services and tests within the Baylor Scott & White Medical & Surgical Clinic - Irving's network for truly thorough care.

Primary care services we offer include:

  • Acupuntura
  • Índices tobillo-brazo de enfermedad arterial periférica
  • Monitoreo de diabetes mellitus HgA1C
  • EKG
  • Prueba de detección de cáncer de colon FOBT
  • Cuidado preventivo
  • Inmunizaciones de vacunación
  • Espirometría para el asma
  • Diagnóstico y manejo del enfisema
  • Examen de detección de gripe y estreptococos
  • Análisis de orina

Pagar la factura

Baylor Scott & White Health se complace en ofrecerle múltiples opciones para pagar su factura. Vea nuestra guía para comprender su estado de cuenta de Baylor Scott & White.

Ofrecemos dos opciones de pago en línea:

Otras opciones de pago:

  • Pago por correo

    Para asegurarse de que su pago se aplique correctamente a su cuenta, separe el comprobante de su estado de cuenta de Baylor Scott & White y devuelva el comprobante con su pago. Si paga con cheque o giro postal, asegúrese de incluir su número de cuenta en el cheque o giro postal.

    Envíe el pago por correo a la dirección que figura en su estado de cuenta.

  • Pagar por teléfono

    Los pagos a HTPN se pueden realizar por teléfono con nuestro sistema de pago telefónico automatizado 24 horas al día, los siete días de la semana. Todos los pagos realizados a través del sistema de pago telefónico automatizado se publicarán el siguiente día hábil. Por favor llama 1.866.377.1650.

    Si necesita hablar con alguien sobre una factura de un Hospital Baylor Scott & White, nuestro departamento de Atención al Cliente está disponible para recibir pagos por teléfono de lunes a viernes de 8:00 AM a 5:00 PM y puede comunicarse con usted al 1.800.994.0371.

  • Pagar en persona

    Los pagos se pueden hacer en persona en el centro donde recibió los servicios.

Asistencia financiera

En Baylor Scott & White Health, queremos ser un recurso para usted y su familia. Nuestro equipo de representantes de servicio al cliente y asesores financieros están aquí para ayudarlo a encontrar soluciones financieras que puedan ayudar a cubrir el costo de su atención. Le recomendamos que hable con un miembro de nuestro equipo en cualquier momento antes, durante o después de recibir la atención.

Ver opciones de asistencia financiera

El móvil lo hace fácil
Just like we make it easy to get care when your child is sick or injured, our top-rated app, MyBSWHealth, can simplify keeping them healthy. The app lets you book appointments, message your pediatrician, view your child’s medical records and schedule virtual same-day care from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
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Formularios para pacientes

Para garantizar que su visita a nuestra oficina sea lo más conveniente y eficiente posible, nos complace ofrecer nuestros formularios de registro en línea. El formulario de registro del paciente puede completarse electrónicamente e imprimirse para una mejor legibilidad o completarse manualmente.