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Our allergists can help relieve your allergy symptoms

Baylor Scott & White Health has allergy and immunology specialists (often called allergists) on the medical staff who can help identify your allergy triggers and manage your symptoms.

Las alergias son problemas del sistema inmune. Un alergeno es cualquier cosa que causa que el sistema inmune del cuerpo libere histamina, uno de los químicos que causan síntomas de alergia.

Most allergic reactions happen when the immune system reacts to a false alarm. Normally, the body defends itself against harmful things, such as viruses or bacteria. But the defenses also attack mild things, so allergy symptoms can be caused by dust, mold, pollen and other environmental triggers at various times of the year (often called seasonal allergies), depending on your sensitivities. 


Conditions treated by an allergist

  • Allergies (including seasonal allergies)
  • Asma
  • Rinitis
  • Tos crónica
  • Colmenas (urticaria)
  • Eccema (dermatitis atópica)
  • Infecciones recurrentes
  • Alergias a los alimentos
  • Alergias a medicamentos
  • Reacciones alérgicas a las picaduras de insectos

Suffering from asthma?

Asthma makes breathing difficult for more than 22 million Americans, but Baylor Scott & White is here to help. Whether you're living with asthma or battling pulmonary hypertension, one of our allergists partners with asthma care to manage your condition.

To learn more about an asthma provider can do for you, watch a video of a panel of experts as they discuss asthma topics and provide helpful resources.


Tratamientos para Alergias

Depending on your allergy symptoms, there are several treatments options, including:

  • Antihistamínicos orales
  • Descongestionantes
  • Aerosoles nasales esteroides
  • Immunotherapy allergy (shots, cluster shots, drops)
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