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Cuidado de heridas

​​​​​​​​​​​​Specializing in the Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Wounds

Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth provides a "comprehensive wound care" program. This specialized service focuses on the evaluation and treatment of chronic wounds, using advanced wound care technologies, as well as traditional medical and surgical therapies. Medical specialties affiliated with the center include infectious disease, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, vascular surgery and podiatry.​

Comprehensive Wound Services

Clinical practice guidelines have been developed to encourage best practices within Baylor Scott & White Health and other facilities from which patients are referred. These guidelines, along with data collection and presentations, as well as consultations with referring physicians, are used to develop individual treatment plans for patients. We offer a variety of wound care services through the Wound Management Program at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth.

Wound Care Services Include:

  • Doppler Evaluation - A test to determine blood flow available to transport medications and nutrients to the wound area.
  • Wound Debridement - A minor procedure to promote growth of healthy tissues in the wound area.
  • Wound Dressings - Proper wound dressing and wound care products help provide the correct environment for healing to occur.
  • Negative Pressure Therapy - A non-invasive therapy that uses controlled localized negative pressure to stimulate the growth of healthy granulation tissue. This occurs through the removal of wound fluid, which helps to manage bacterial bioburden, as well as support a moist wound environment to enhance cell migration and epithelialization.
  • Orthopedic, Vascular & Plastic Surgery - The program offers access to skilled physicians and advanced technologies.
  • Nutrition Counseling - A registered dietitian is available to assist patients in developing meal planning to facilitate wound healing.
  • Diabetes Counseling - A registered diabetic educator is available to assist patients in understanding their diabetes.
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