Oxygen therapy to treat hard-to-heal wounds

Baylor Scott & White Health uses oxygen therapy to treat hard-to-heal wounds that come from diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, soft-tissue damage from skin grafts and cancer radiation therapy, as well as to help salvage limbs. Oxygen therapy is when oxygen is used to begin or speed up the healing process.

La terapia con oxígeno hiperbárico le permite respirar oxígeno puro en un entorno presurizado, lo que aumenta los niveles de oxígeno en el tejido corporal para ayudar a sanar y combatir las infecciones. Un beneficio es el crecimiento de los vasos sanguíneos en áreas que han sido privadas de oxígeno debido al flujo sanguíneo deficiente. El aumento del flujo sanguíneo al área de una herida de oxígeno privado también da como resultado una mayor curación.

Comprehensive wound programs at Baylor Scott & White have several types of hyperbaric oxygen chambers at various locations. Monoplace chambers can hold only one person at a time, whereas a multispace chamber is designed to hold up to eight people at once. Each hyperbaric oxygen therapy session typically last approximately 90 minutes.

Conditions treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Diabetic lower extremity wounds—open sores on the foot or leg, especially those involving infection or gangrene
  • Conservación de colgajo o injerto de piel después de cirugía plástica o amputación
  • Radiation injury—abnormal tissue breakdown following radiation therapy for cancer (called osteoradionecrosis when it involves bone)
  • Chronic, refractory osteomyelitis—bone infection that has not resolved with standard antibiotic therapy

What to expect during your hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Nuestros centros de tratamiento para pacientes ambulatorios tienen cámaras de oxígeno hiperbáricas innovadoras hechas de material transparente que le permiten ver su entorno y el contacto continuo con el técnico.

At the time of each hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, you will spend about 90 minutes in a pressurized chamber breathing pure oxygen. During this time, you will be able to rest, listen to music or watch a movie on the TV in the chamber.

You will have constant communication with a technician outside the oxygen chamber.

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