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Supportive Palliative Care

​​​​​​​​​​Personal Choices About Your Healthcare

Issues Surrounding Critical Illness

When facing a life-threatening illness, we go beyond advanced medical treatments and offer compassionate care to help you and your family members cope. This service is called Supportive Palliative Care.

Our supportive palliative care consultation services help you face the complex physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems that often accompany advanced illness. The Baylor Scott & White Health Supportive Palliative Care team includes physicians, nurses, chaplains, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionist, speech therapists, music practitioners and volunteers. These dedicated team members are trained to help you with the issues you may face in dealing with a critical illness.

In addition to your regular medical treatment, Supportive Palliative Care team members help determine a care plan that meets your wants and needs, including management of pain and other symptoms, counseling and spiritual support and other therapies. This is available to any inpatient facing a serious or life-threatening illness and their family members at their request or at the request of your primary physician.

The Supportive Palliative Care Consultation Service is hospital-based and different from hospice. You may continue to receive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, while also working with the Supportive​ Palliative Care team. If you do not respond to treatment designed to cure your condition or send it into remission, our team will assist you, your family members and physician with the transition to hospice if desired.

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