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Group Fitness

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center

There’s strength in numbers

Whether you’re looking for motivation or just plain fun, you’ll find both when you participate in any of the adult group fitness classes at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center.

Our wellness specialists lead a menu of classes—over 70 a week, including Pilates, Yoga and free weights—all focused on helping clients improve cardiovascular health, overall strength and flexibility.

In addition to being friendly and flexible with regards to individual ability, our fitness and health instructor are whip smart. They’re all nationally certified in group exercise and properly trained in CPR/AED, while our specialty instructors have further certifications in their individual fields. Moreover, several of our instructors are experienced international educators and speakers, have created exercise videos or have written books in their area of expertise.

No matter your fitness goal, you’re bound to reach them even faster with support from group exercise classes at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center.

People in a cycling class

Group exercise etiquette

  • If you are new or have any special considerations, please inform your instructor. This will better assist us in providing you personal attention
  • Entering a class in progress is not recommended
  • Please try to arrive 5 minutes before the schedule time
  • If you do come in late, please enter from the back or side of the class and participate from there
  • No reserving or saving spaces, bikes, steps, etc… Reserving group cycle bikes is prohibited
  • Occupation of a bike can only be accomplished by the actual presence of a participant
  • No cell phones
  • We understand emergencies. In case of any emergency, please have your phone/pager on silent mode
  • Please remember personal hygiene and refrain from wearing heavy perfume or cologne
  • Please use only the equipment in the group exercise area, and return all equipment to its proper storage area when class has concluded

One-on-one yoga

The personal attention you receive in a one-on-one yoga session can help you reach your goals more quickly and more effectively than in a group setting. Whether you are looking to deepen your personal practice or are dealing with an injury or illness private yoga lessons can help

Cost: $70 a session for members and $80 a session for non-members

For more information regarding group exercise, please contact Christy James, Group Exercise Coordinator.

People practicing yoga
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