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Tactical Performance

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center

Better prepare for duty

Strength and Conditioning for the Tactical Athlete is highly specialized and must be willing to address the unique concerns specific to tactical professionals. We apply scientific knowledge to physically train our officers/firefighters/EMS/Military personnel to improve performance, drive career long fitness, and minimize injury risk. We strive to raise the standard and set the bar for strength and conditioning of our tactical athletes and help better prepare them for duty

Expert staff

We have a staff of expert Strength and Conditioning Professionals, Fitness Specialists, Dietetics, Cardiac Health, and Allied Health professionals working to create these highly successful programs. Because of this elite level of experience; the breadth of knowledge, skills, and abilities of our staff increase the potential of service personnel to safely and effectively perform their job. We provide the most comprehensive tactical strength and conditioning program design and implementation in the country.


Our goal

It is the goal of the Tactical Performance Division of the Tom Landry Center to provide the training necessary for service personnel to minimize the need for injury/rehabilitation services. However, we work hand in hand with other Baylor partners such as the Jack and Jane Heart Hospital, and Baylor SportsCare to assure that we can provide all the services an officer/firefighter/paramedic might need in the event of an injury. We know that in this line of work injuries/cardiac events/obesity/stress are very real dangers. We work tirelessly to make sure that we are prepared to help in the event something were to happen.

For more information, contact Justin Walters.

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