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Aorta Sonogram

Baylor Scott & White Legacy Heart Center

The purpose of the test is to assess the size of the aortic vessel to determine if there is an aneurysm or bulge in the aorta (much like a bulge on an over-inflated inner tube) or to monitor the size of known aneurysms.

Following are some frequently asked questions about the test and how to prepare for it. Click on the question for the answer, which will appear below the questions.

What Will Happen During The Test?

This test will take approximately 1 hour. A technician will place placing a transducer on your abdomen with a small amount of ultrasound gel. The transducer sends sound waves through your abdomen to the aorta and back. Then with the aid of computers software and a monitor we are able to image the aorta and display it on a monitor in front of you.

In conjunction with this imaging we will assess the blood flow with both pulsed Doppler and Color Flow Doppler, which measure the speed and direction of the blood flow. By assigning color to the direction of blood flow—called Color Flow Mapping—large areas of blood flow may be studied, which allows abnormal blood flow characteristics to be interpreted by the cardiologist.

After you leave the laboratory the technologist will document measurements from the images. A Baylor Scott & White Legacy Heart Center physician will review the images and measurements. If you have had a previous study the results will be compared.

What Is The Preparation For The Test?

  • Please wear a two piece outfit.
  • Please do not wear boots, jumpsuits, overalls, or a dress.
  • Please do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the test.
  • If you routinely take any medications take them as prescribed with a small amount of water.

What Is The Preparation For The Rest Portion?

  • Please do not eat or drink anything with caffeine in it for 4 hour before your resting test. Items with caffeine include: colas, coffee, tea, chocolate, and certain cold remedies.
  • Do not eat anything 4 hours prior to the test.
  • Please do not smoke or exercise 8 hours before testing.
  • If you routinely take any medications take them as prescribed.

What Should I Bring With Me To The Aorta Sonogram Appointment?

  • Insurance card.
  • Referral for the stress test if required by your insurance company.

Where Will The Test Be Performed?

The test will be performed at:

BSW Legacy Heart Center
6601 Preston Road
Plano, Texas 75024

It is very important that you keep your appointment once it is scheduled. If you must cancel your appointment, please give the office at least 24 hours notice by calling 469.800.6300​. Our testing schedule requires tight time restrictions, so please notify the office immediately if you will be late for your appointment. We appreciate your complete cooperation.

Who Will Give Me The Results?

After a review of the test, your medical history, other imaging modalities and previous tests by a BSW ​Legacy Heart Center cardiologist, a report will be sent to the ordering physician. The ordering physician will then review the results and discuss them with you.

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