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Baylor Scott & White Neuro-Oncology Associates

What Is Craniopharyngioma?

A craniopharyngioma is a benign, or noncancerous tumor that develops near the pituitary gland, a small endocrine gland at the base of the brain. Craniopharyngiomas are localized tumors and become large before they are diagnosed, and, like many tumor types, the exact cause is unknown.

What Are The Symptoms Of Craniopharyngioma?

Increased pressure within the brain causes maybe of the symptoms of craniopharyngioma. Other symptoms result from pressure on the optic tract and pituitary gland. Common symptoms include:

  • Obesidad
  • Delayed development
  • Impaired vision
  • A swollen optic nerve

How Is A Craniopharyngioma Diagnosed?

Usually, the diagnosis is made from an MRI scan of the brain.

What Are The Treatments For Craniopharyngioma?

Surgery to remove the tumor is usually the first step in treatment, but each patient's case is approached individually, and the treatment plan designed accordingly with your physician.

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