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Detección de cáncer de próstata

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The prostate is a gland that is just below the bladder and part of the male reproductive system. Problems with the prostate become more common as a man ages and can include prostate cancer, the common cancer in men. This cancer can often be cured or controlled, especially if it's found and treated early. A screening test can help find cancer. Screening tests can often help detect prostate cancer before it causes any symptoms.

What Is Prostate Cancer?

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that form in one area and can spread throughout the body. Prostate cancer causes no symptoms in its early states. If you have urinary symptoms, there are more likely to be because of another health problem.

What Are the Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer?

  • Age: As you grow older, your risk of developing prostate cancer increases.
  • Family history: If your father or brother has had prostate cancer, your risk of developing it is higher.
  • Race: African American men are more likely than other men to develop prostate cancer; they are also more likely to die of prostate cancer than other men with the disease.
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