Cuidado de paciente hospitalizado

Baylor Scott & White T. Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital in Dallas is North Texas' first dedicated cancer hospital, designed to provide a place of healing, calming and spirituality for everyone involved in the cancer journey. The surroundings are attractive, and well-designed rooms are larger to accommodate family members. Additional amenities have been introduced to ensure the environment is attractive and convenient.

Cancer hospital features

  • Servicios de registro y apoyo al paciente
  • Unidad de trasplante de sangre y médula ósea
  • Unidad de oncología hematológica
  • Dos unidades de enfermería de oncología general
  • Centro de infusión
  • Centro de imagen
  • Farmacia oncológica satélite
  • Laboratorio de procesamiento de trasplantes de sangre y médula ósea, manipulación de células madre y productos de médula ósea
  • Centro de aféresis
  • Lavadora / secadora y duchas para familias y cuidadores.
  • Servicios de cuidados paliativos de apoyo
  • Concierge-style dining for patients

Centro de Evaluación y Tratamiento Oncológico

Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health offers the only specialized urgent care/emergency after-hours facility specifically for cancer patients in Dallas-Fort Worth. It was developed to keep immunosuppressed patients who have after-hours medical emergencies separate from a typical hospital emergency department or urgent care facility. Staff are trained and knowledgeable about the specific issues, symptoms and side effects related to cancer and its treatments.

Más sobre el centro