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Emergency Cardiac Care

Hospital Baylor Scott & White The Heart - Plano

We treat cardiac emergencies—fast

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – Plano features a "No-Wait Triage," where patients are seen within three minutes of arrival.

Our average door-to-balloon time* is about 55.5 minutes, well below the national average of 90 minutes.

*Door-to-balloon time is an initiative that measures how much time it takes to get a patient who is experiencing chest pain or a heart attack from the door of the ER to the operating room to open an affected artery.


Patient Transfer

We are on call 24/7 to receive acute aortic emergencies in Plano and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Heart specialty emergency department

Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano offers one of only two heart specialty emergency departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

The emergency cardiac care department at Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, accredited chest pain center with board-certified emergency room physicians and cardiologists on the medical staff, as well as specially trained nurses. The physicians on our medical staff are highly skilled in treating heart attacks and other cardiovascular emergencies, and our teams are as equally trained in all critical emergencies, as well.

For cardiac emergencies in nearby or outlying areas, Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano​ works with local Emergency Medical Services and airlift services to see that you reach the hospital quickly.

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