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Schedule your screening mammogram with confidence

In response to Gov. Greg Abbott’s recommendations to introduce certain healthcare procedures back into Texas hospitals and clinics, we are scheduling screening mammograms. There is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our communities.

Our team members are taking many steps to protect your safety, including:

  • Asking all patients and staff to wear masks—this may be a cloth mask brought from home
  • Screening all patients at the time of scheduling and at time of appointment
  • Kindly asking all visitors to wait outside of the center
  • Limiting the number of patients in the center at the same time by reducing the number of appointments and expanding Saturday hours
  • You may receive a phone call to pre-register before your scheduled appointment to reduce wait time in the center
  • Limiting seating in lobbies and waiting areas
  • Thoroughly cleaning waiting areas, exam rooms, and equipment with disinfectants recommended by the CDC

Total breast care

Most women will experience some type of breast problem during their lifetime. The good news is that most breast disorders are not cancerous. However, your chance of developing breast cancer increases as you get older. That's why breast cancer screenings and examinations are so important—and where you go for these breast care services makes a difference.

While more than 300,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year according to the American Cancer Society, there are also many other breast health concerns.

Common breast conditions include:

  • Calcificaciones de mama
  • Quistes mamarios
  • Breast lumps
  • Secreción del pezón
  • Dolor en los senos
  • Pechos densos

Recomendaciones para la detección del cáncer de mama


According to the American Cancer Society, early screening saves lives. Mammograms are the most effective and important early breast cancer detection method.

  • Todas las mujeres: autoexamen mensual de los senos
  • Edad de las mujeres 20 en adelante: examen clínico de los senos en el examen físico anual
  • Mujeres de 0 años en adelante: mamografía anual y examen clínico de los senos
  • Mujeres en alto riesgo de cáncer de mama: MRI anual y mamografía

El poder del desafío 2

Queremos empoderar a las mujeres para que controlen su salud programando convenientemente sus centros de mamografías. Al hacerse la mamografía y desafiar a un amigo, duplica su impacto. Eso es lo que llamamos El poder de 2.


Asistencia de facturación

If you have questions related to your breast imaging services, we’re here to help

Breast imaging services

Baylor Scott & White Health's breast imaging centers in hospitals and facilities in North and Central Texas provide screening and diagnostic services along with consultation, education and treatment options for breast cancer. Many of our centers are designated by the American College of Radiology (ACR) as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

  • El ultrasonido de mama
  • 3D breast ultrasound
  • Aspiración del quiste
  • Ductograma
  • Evaluación del riesgo de cáncer de mama
  • Biopsia de mama guiada por imagen
  • Biopsia estereotáctica de mama
  • Localización de lesiones
  • Mamografía (detección y diagnóstico)
  • 3D mammography (available at select locations)
  • Mamografía digital de campo completo
  • Localización de aguja
  • Mamografía por emisión de positrones (PEM) (disponible en ubicaciones seleccionadas)
  • Bone density screening (physician's order required, no online scheduling)
  • We are here to support you through a breast cancer diagnosis

    Just diagnosed? When you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, it can be the beginning of an emotional and confusing journey. Baylor Scott & White is here with you every step of the way of your breast cancer care journey.

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