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FitSteps for Life

​FitSTEPS for Life is an exercise program developed to tailor exercise to patient’s specific diagnosis and physical capabilities. The program was initially designed for cancer patients. More recently, patients with liver disease were added to this program.

FitSTEPS for Life operates in multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area including the Baylor University Medical Center. The program permits patients to benefit from a gym-like experience for free. A family member or friend is also allowed to join the exercise program at no cost.

In every location, exercise specialists help patients establish an exercise program according to individual goals. After an initial visit, FitSTEPS has an open gym policy and participants may continue utilizing the facilities for the lifetime of the patient. The goal is to establish and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during and following treatment for liver disease.

Ask your hepatologist for a referral to join FitSTEPS for Life and fax to: 1.877.931.7975. Once your referral is received, you will be contacted by phone to schedule your first visit.

For more information on locations and hours of operation, visit FitSteps for Life online.

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