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High Risk Breast Clinic

Baylor University Medical Center Darlene G. Cass Women’s Imaging Center

About this location

The High Risk Breast Clinic and the Texas Immuno-Oncology Biorepository (TIOB) have a shared mission to bring more information and data into cancer care

Similar to how the clinic's High-Risk Breast Screening Program studies patient data to help determine if a person has increased risk of developing breast cancer, the TIOB uses patient data to understand how a person responds to a treatment.

Data and bio-samples (tissue, blood, urine, etc.) collected from consenting patients with breast cancer or a known risk for breast cancer can help shed light on why some people respond differently from others to a given treatment and contribute to the development of future personalized immunotherapies.


Meet our team

Cómo funciona

Who can participate?

  • Patients with confirmed or suspected cancer who may receive immunotherapy
  • Patients receiving immunotherapy
  • Patients enrolled on a clinical trial investigating an potential immunotherapy drug
  • Patients who have received immunotherapy in the past
  • Patients willing to donate blood and other bio-samples

Preguntas frecuentes


No, there are no fees associated with participation. Participants will not be billed for any specimen collection and lab analyses that not related to their existing physician prescribed standard of care.

Sample and data collection will occur every three months after initial samples are given. Wherever possible, the TIOB team will schedule these appointments to coincide with routine cancer therapy follow up visits or regular clinical visits.

Participants can withdraw at any time. There is no obligation to continue if you change your mind or are unable to continue providing bio-samples for any reason.

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