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Patient Navigation and Social Work Services

Patient Navigators serve as advocates, educators and guides to patients and their families

​​Many of our cancer care locations in North Texas and Central Texas​ provide Patient Navigation services. The Patient Navigator can offer support and information on cancer screenings and is in contact with the patient from diagnosis, throughout treatment and into survivorship. The Patient Navigator will be there to offer guidance to patients and their families every step of the way. ​


Benefits of partnering with a Patient Navigator:

From diagnosis and treatment all the way to survivorship, a Patient Navigator will be by your side.

Read one patient navigator's story

  • Early intervention and prevention, including support and information regarding cancer screenings and any referrals for screenings ​
  • Patient advocacy and support
  • Coordination of appointments and care
  • Removing barriers to care
  • Education and empowerment to make informed medical decisions
  • Assistance finding resources for your care journey​
  • Increased adherence to appointments and treatments
  • Better management of cancer-related side effects
  • Increased satisfaction with overall care and experience
  • Improved communication with the care team
​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


We have cancer center locations across North and Central Texas. Select your city to connect with a Patient Navigator today.

  • College Station
  • Dallas
  • fort worth
  • Vid
  • irving
  • rowlett
  • caídas de mármol
  • mckinney
  • plano
  • Round rock
  • Templo
  • waco
  • waxahachie

Keeping the care focused on you

In addition to cancer Patient Navigators, some patients may benefit from oncology social work services. Our oncology social workers at select locations are here to help with the psychological, social, physical and emotional issues that result from a diagnosis of cancer.


Talk with others about your cancer journey

Share your experience and connect with others. Support groups are one of the best resources for persons who have experienced c​ancer.

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