Our pulmonologists can help you breathe better

Our lungs help us breathe so that our body can properly function. Illness or disease in the airways, lung tissue, cardiovascular system or from neurological or muscular conditions, limits the amount of air that reaches the lungs.

Los neumólogos de nuestro personal médico estudian y tratan enfermedades de los pulmones, las vías respiratorias y el tórax, cuidan a los enfermos de las unidades de cuidados intensivos y tratan los trastornos del sueño. Si la cirugía es necesaria, tenemos médicos en el personal médico especialmente entrenado en cirugía torácica.

Our pulmonary rehabilitation programs help you by creating individualized exercise plans and education classes, so you can do more things you enjoy. Education includes:

  • Coping/stress management
  • Home exercise programs
  • Lung medication
  • Infection control
  • Breathing techniques
  • Energy conservation
  • Oxygen and equipment

Lung conditions treated

Baylor Scott & White Health offers care for numerous lung conditions, including:

  • Asma
  • Embolia pulmonar aguda y crónica
  • Bronquiectasia
  • La enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica (EPOC)
  • Fibrosis quística
  • Enfisema
  • Infecciones fúngicas del pulmón
  • Enfermedades pulmonares granulomatosas
  • Síndrome hepatopulmonar
  • Enfermedad pulmonar intersticial
  • Cáncer de pulmón
  • Trasplante pulmonar
  • Fibrosis pulmonar
  • Enfermedad vascular pulmonar
  • Hipertensión pulmonar
  • Pleuresía
  • Neumonía
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Trastornos del sueño
  • Dejar de fumar
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tuberculous and nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease

Lung cancer screening

Lung cancer screenings are offered at Baylor Scott & White locations to screen and diagnose lung cancer before symptoms develop. If you are at high risk for lung cancer, a screening can detect the cancer early to improve chances of cure, decrease the need for extensive surgery and increase your chances of survival.

Learn more about screening

Lung transplantation for advanced lung disease

Our lung transplant program offers sophisticated diagnostic testing and innovative therapies for patients with advanced chronic lung disease.

Learn more about lung transplant

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Baylor Scott & White Health offers a pulmonary rehabilitation program to build your fitness and help you breathe better to make it easier to do your daily activities.

Learn more about pulmonary rehab

Cirugía Torácica

Baylor Scott & White Health has thoracic surgeons on the medical staff who diagnose and treat diseases of the lungs, esophagus and diaphragm.

Learn more about thoracic surgery