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Neurología pediátrica

Baylor Scott & White McLane Niños

Comprehensive and collaborative neurological care for your child

A pediatric neurologist treats children with conditions that affect the nervous system, which includes the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. The nervous system controls our movement, including the brain’s response to internal and external messages in the environment that impact the network of cells and tissue in our bodies.

Children with neurological conditions have special needs because their brains and nervous systems are actively growing. Pediatric neurologists at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's are trained to identify and treat children, from newborns to teenagers. Our specialists may work with the pediatric neurosurgical team, and in some cases, rehabilitation experts if your child’s health requires it.

Neurological conditions we treat
We treat many kinds of neurological conditions in kids, from headaches and tumors to epilepsy and sleep disorders.
Children with epilepsy have abnormal electrical activity in their brain. This can cause repeated seizures that often occur with no warning. Some people call these seizures “fits” or “spells.” At McLane Children’s, our pediatric epileptologists treat all forms of pediatric epilepsy. Learn more about Epilepsy
Cerebral palsy
Children affected with this disorder can have a variety of symptoms, from sucking problems to hearing and vision disorders. Doctors believe that cerebral palsy is caused by structural abnormalities in the brain that may develop because of injury or by incomplete development in the womb.
Whether benign or malignant, tumors require monitoring or removal depending on their location and other factors unique to your child’s case.
Cognitive (thinking) problems
Communication, memory and attention can affect children in school and in life. Our pediatric neuropsychology program can help identify the right treatment. Learn more about Cognitive (thinking) problems
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